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into the pines

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


i love pine trees— i was very lucky to grow up on a small farm with its own pine grove, where we ran over a carpet of needles through its “hallways” and built a fort that grew higher as we did ourselves.

seeing those huge shaggy pines of upstate new york state is something i look forward to whenever we travel back for a visit. they feel like watchful guardians along the highways and byways of the places i’ve wandered most of my life.


when last november, i had a chance to work with a beautiful deep green yarn dyed by rita at yarn hollow, i immediately thought of the pine tree motifs that had been earmarked in my stitch dictionaries for some time.


i picked the two that represented the feeling i wanted so much to share, of walking through quiet pines in the snow. the hem motif shows staggered tree shapes that are separated by airy openwork, giving the impression of snow patterned with footprints. i love how it translates into the triangle shawl, which i named in snowy pinewoods.


the body sections consist of an allover motif that looks like snowflakes or stars; they appear to descend on the tree shapes and settle all around. either of these fabrics could be beaded to add extra dimension and bring out the natural sparkle of the lustrous yarn blend.


the edging that runs along the sides of the shawl, scarf, and stole pieces takes the shape of pine branches. the rectangular star and pine design includes sizing for both a scarf and a stole.


over the weekend, i worked up a swatch in the same glowing yarn, but in the quirkier lime rickey colorway—i love this less traditional interpretation; i bet it would also be stunning in a silvery blue or a deep night-sky blue.


oh, and there is the snow globe tam to match. it’s quite light and silky; maybe not as warm as you’d need for deep northern winter weather, but perfect for medium and temperate climates and a beautiful way to tame hair on mild but windy days.


a view of the back and top, where the fabric is more solid. this hat, which also has several sizes, decreases in concentric circles.


shown here are the petite shawl  (above) and the scarf with large tam (below), all knit in yarn hollow superior, a blend of BFL, silk, and cashmere in colorway white pine, the custom dyed colorway for our club.

erica B has created a kit in our online shop that includes patterns for all the pieces shown (plus the stole, not seen here) and one or two skeins of yarn hollow superior in either the white pine colorway or lime rickie. you may also click here to purchase the lime rickey colorway separately (our supply of white pine is too limited to list separately).


if it’s the single pattern you’re after, click here to view more information about the snow globe tam, the star and pine scarf/stole or in snowy pinewoods. you may also view or purchase them in my ravelry pattern shop.

any of these accessories would be cushy and delicious in our breakfast blend fingering yarn or classic ghillie sock.


these patterns are also included in the 2013 fall in full color eBook, which compiles seventeen total accessory patterns from the 2013 fall color collection—that’s a lotta patterns! anyone looking for a knitalong around these designs need not look further than the ravelry clubhouse where our color clubs meet—all are welcome and appreciated.


many thanks to our friends helena and kris for modeling these designs; we always love to see them together.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2014


some things just take time; my bocce cap being a good example example. the design is based on the baci scarf/cowl , which was last year’s red scarf fundraiser pattern.


i knit several of these hats at that time, eager to make a set and enthused about the way this piece reflects the patterns seen on bocce balls.


i had two colorways of studio june springy sport to work with on this project and knit one in each color—the red (here comes trouble) was my prototype and the blue (midnight teal) was to test out the sizing of the pattern. i wrote down nothing, confident that i’d be putting it all on paper within hours of finishing the blue).


but the poor thing got lost in the undertow of a very busy winter and spring with the result that the pattern never got written.

in late spring i knit another in our newest shade of kent DK (driftwood), partly to test out the yarn and partly to remind myself of the pattern details. this time, i was really going to get that pattern written up—readers were asking about it!


heh. best laid plans and all that . . . it never got done.

then summer arrived and with it, our cotton KAL on ravelry and beautiful organic cotton yarns to sell in our online shop (most colors recently restocked, BTW). well, i just had to knit some of that into a few hats for mister knitspot.


i remembered the bocce hat and decided it was time to dust that off and get the ball rolling—it would be the perfect fall cap in cotton sport. so, while i was in denver over the fourth of july weekend, i knit one in the wonderfully soft chocolate pakucho cotton (above).

my friend luci swooned over its softness and i made a mental not about holiday gifts and immediately cast on another in the mauve fifo sport that might go to her husband scott.


with each yarn i got to explore the pattern anew—some of these are super soft and drapey, some are crisp, with more weight, and some are light and airy, wicking away moisture to keep your head cool and dry.

and don’t ask—i can’t decide which is my favorite.

the pattern is awfully fun to knit, that i will give you—i think i’ve knit five or six of these altogether and i’m still thinking i might need to knit another (even though luci fawned over that chocolate hat, i think with her white-blond hair, she’d look smashing in the deep green cotton).


and how cute would it be just to knit and wear that textured brim as an ear band? i’d take one of those . . .


and my board of directors agrees.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the bocce page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


well, now we’ve come full circle and it’s nearly december once again—the 2015 red scarf fundraiser is already underway; can you believe a whole ‘nuther year has passed again? the hat pattern is done and just in time, too—baby, it’s cold outside!

thank you to all of our wonderful models and yarn producers who made such a varied journey possible!

(i did manage to knit my two or three repeats for the day, BTW.  i forgot to take a photo, but i’m getting ready to go away in the morning and holy cow, have you looked at the time?? i have to get up early, too!)

so i’ll be knitting away on my red tire scarf all the way to albany (or as long as mister knitspot will drive and let me). we have a full calendar for the days we’ll spend with my mom, cooking, celebrating thanksgiving, running the turkey trot (well, i will be doing that, anyway), and hopefully, knitting and watching a good share of movies together.

i’ll be back in a day or two with exiting updates on our adventures.


Deals, Deals, Deals!

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Shop_Small_Logo_Aus_CMYKAre you ready for some BIG deals to get your knitting fingers motivated? Were you just wondering what you could tell family members you desired this holiday season? Hold onto your hats. Inspiration is ahead…

Black Friday is THIS Friday and Blanket Statement signups open to the public! This club  was very motivated by Knitspot customers dying for a blanket club. Many of you saw Kim’s blanket in Stone Soup featured on the blog (check out Anne’s post here for a trip down memory lane) and said we need a blanket club! With Bare Naked Wools!


So Anne put an awesome club together – 12 motifs from favorite Knitspot patterns to knit in your choice of Stone Soup DK


or Kent DK.

coconut-husk-kelp web

You can choose a 4-shade small kit, or a 5-shade large kit. And of course there is a “double dip” option for those that would like to knit both a large and baby-sized blanket. The club yarn ships all at once, with a few goodies, and from February to June you will receive pattern updates on the 17th of each month. Anne includes instructions for knitting all of the motifs in strips or blocks. And if you’re unsure about knitting a blanket, Anne includes additional design items along the way. You can see all of the options of the club here. On Black Friday ONLY the club will be offered at a discount. Just a reminder to current clubbies – you have until Thursday night to utilize your deeper discount on the club. Check your email for the code.

Our other deal for Friday is any purchase of $25 or more online and at the boutique, will receive a free gift!

Small Business Saturday will be celebrated both online and at the boutique! We love this special day to thank so many of you for supporting our small business that supports, inspires, and encourages other small businesses. Over the last 8 years, Knitspot has worked with hundreds of small business owners and your support helps us continue this path. Thank you. Any purchases of $25 or more receive a FREE color card; they’re so handy in planning future projects!

coconut-husk-kelp-yarn-card-2 web

And…drumroll please…on Cyber Monday FREE SHIPPING (with coupon – will appear on banner at top of page and in upcoming Newsletter) site-wide on purchases of $75 or more! This includes international shipping as well! This is the perfect time to get a sweater or blanket quantity of yarn.


Or to purchase a few kits that you’ve been eyeing, such as Ivar cardi


High Peaks mittens and hat

high peaks confection

Pyro set


or Caravan Blanket.


Or choose your own sweater or blanket pattern, such as Henley with a Twist or Hourglass Throw



and pick your own fingering weight here and worsted weight here. Throw Anne’s Blocking DVD into your cart and she can guide you through the process to block like a professional!

The adventure is your’s! Start building your wish list now so you’re ready for December 1.

As an added bonus ALL previous KNITTING CLUB EBOOKS will be 50 % off Friday through Monday! NO coupon needed, they’ll be listed at a discounted price on our site and ravelry.


These make fantastic gifts as they include up to 17 knitting accessory patterns, have beautiful photography on yarn and the design process, plus bios about our unique collaborators.


The ebooks are great to have printed and bound as coffee table books, as they make a fantastic read on the history of the yarn and fibers.


They also make fantastic gifts for the knitters in your life. At half off, it could be the perfect gift for the friends in your knitting circle! View each one’s patterns on ravelry through these links: FIFC 2011, FIFC 2012, FIFC 2013, BNK 2012, BNK 2013.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the Countdown to Christmas KAL for ideas. Or, purchase the Snow Tire pattern for friends and relatives, even the non-knitters, letting them know a donation has been made towards a student’s college education. The KAL for this is one rockin’ thread! Check it out here.

you got it—red scarf 2014

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


well, the vote was unanimous—none of us want to wait. YAY!!!

so here it is, the red scarf fundraiser design for 2014 along with some shamelessly blatant promotion (which you can expect more of as the month goes on, but i promise it’s for a great cause!)


i’m calling it snow tire scarf and you can click here to buy a copy of the pattern in our online yarn and pattern shop or click here to purchase it in ravelry.

emily and erica also put together a snow tire scarf kit from a small batch of special edition festivus sport yarn that we’ve had hidden away since last december with this very purpose in mind (whew that was a lot of waiting).

the scarf is a delicious mix of textures with a squishy cable right up the middle and best of all, completely reversible—it is literally identical on both sides. so if you opt for the infinity version as i have here, it will look well when looped or when worn down.

i will post progress of my own scarf as it grows as well as provide updates on our fundraising effort. i don’t have a lot of photos to show you yet, because this year we are changing things up a bit—instead of waiting til i’m done knitting my sample to release the pattern, we are all going to knit together while we watch our scholarship dollars pile up!

yes, it’s that time of year when we devote sales receipts from one pattern to raise money for our knitspot scholarship, which goes to one student who participates in foster care 2 success programs. the entire sale price of each snow tire scarf pattern sold during the remainder of november and all of december is added the knitspot scholarship pot.

you can participate in several ways:

  1. purchase a pattern—the entire $7 retail price will go into the pot.
  2. purchase a nifty scarf kit which includes the pattern PLUS a skein of special edition festivus sport, like the one i’m using for my scarf. if you go for that, we’ll put $10 in the pot (that’s the entire pattern price plus approximately 10% of the yarn price). for every skein of special edition festivus sport yarn you buy as a standalone, we’ll toss in $5
  3. please, please, PLEASE tell everyone you know about the fundraiser—they don’t need to be a knitter to throw $7 at this wonderful cause. some ways you can help: put it on your Facebook page (and link it), tweet it (with a link!), pin it (yes, with link) and finally just drag your friends over to look at the blog, haha. we’ll even give them a “knitter for a day badge” if they help out.
  4. join us for a fun red scarf KAL in our ravelry mothership—we promise a rollicking good time, plenty of support, and of course, neat-o prizes.

many of you are aware of the red scarf drive, for which knitters put together care packages that are distributed to students on valentine’s day (the 2014 drive closes on december 15, so there is still time to send a scarf or help out with gift cards and postage).

foster care 2 success, the sponsorship organization, assists students who are aging out of the foster care system to navigate a continuing education and advancement into independent adulthood. they provide guidance and counseling, classes in life skills, scholarships, and other types of support that a family would normally provide.

our december drive began as a way to raise a little money to send in for the postage fund, but it grew each year and eventually i realized we had enough to establish a FC2S scholarship. so far, we have exceeded each previous year’s amount by quite a lot; last year the scholarship grew to $4000; i’m excited to see how we’ll top that this year—as i know we will.

ETA: we got rather low on the red kits so david has created listings for other options, including one for our first test batch of better breakfast DK in porridge, which was spun at a slightly heavier weight, so we won’t be able to retail it alongside our other BBBs

ok, then let the games begin; i’ll be back in a couple of days to show you what i’ve got—between now and then, catch me in our ravelry group