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wake and eddy

Sunday, October 12th, 2014


oooh, it’s fall and october and rhinebeck time. and when it’s rhinebeck time, it’s time to get together with good friends—like sweet jen from spirit trail fiberworks.


when jen asks me to design with her yarn, i can’t say no—i love it all so much. it’s a bit of a tradition to create something new each year for her booth at rhinebeck and this year, it’s a luxurious scarf/infinity loop/cowl knit with her scrumptious birte DK.


the colors she sent me to work with are water colors—one dark and one lighter. i immediately began to think in terms of wavy patterns that would remind me of water or waterfalls in some way.


birte is a nice round yarn blended from merino, cashmere, and silk—luscious, right? it catches the light with a soft sheen and drapes beautifully against the body as it falls from the shoulder.


while i fell in love with this undulating wave pattern, i was a bit concerned that it might drape too much, so i trimmed the edges with rolling garter stitch and added a cable to the center to stabilize the fabric.


the result is a scarf or cowl with just the right amount of weight to slump ever so lazily around the shoulders without losing its body completely. it’s light and warm and soft as can be, with a fine cashmere halo all about its surface


to catch the light in its openwork. sigh.

shown above: short cowl/small infinity, knit with one skein of spirit trail birte, colorwway bog shadows

shown below: petite scarf, knit with two skeins of spirit trail birte, colorwway ebb and flow


pattern also includes instructions for a long infinity scarf and a longer rectangle scarf.


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the wake and eddy page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


you can’t tell from these serene photos, but we are all a bit crazed here, trying to pull everything into place for our trek to the hudson valley of new york—we are going to the fair!


in the spirit trail booth, you’ll be able to see these samples alongside jen’s entire array birte colorways to knit your own wake and eddy. and for those who choose yarn to buy birte for this project, she will provide a free ravelry download of the digital pattern (available at the spirit trail booth only, sat 10/18 and sun 10/19)

nice deal, right?

well, there’s more . . . we are also releasing the pyro, chiminea, and firestorm patterns at the show, featuring jen’s sunna—the fingering version of this delicious merino/cashmere/silk blend. if you purchase sunna to knit those pieces, you will also get THAT pattern free (as a ravelry download; available only at the show 10/18 and 10/19 from spirit trail fiberworks).

yep, we are going to the sheep and wool and i’ve been planning what i’ll knit on this trip—i’ll be away almost two weeks. first things first—i have a couple of samples and swatches i’d like to complete for our after party popup shop and for my classes at our retreat.


once i’m in the car with sarah at the wheel, i plan to snuggle into that passenger seat with a nice ball of our new, better breakfast DK (coming soon; we are SO excited!). i’m going to treat myself to a short wake and eddy cowl—i can just feel it.

i’ve been so crazed that i haven’t even had a chance to knit something substantial from this yarn yet and i’m dying to get my fingertips into it. trust me, this is so, so lush—everyone who touches it goes weak in the knees. if you’ve been loving breakfast blend, you will simply adore better breakfast. i have just two words to say about it: completely dehaired.


that’s right, the new mill we’re working with is able to remove all that tickly guard hair, leaving this yarn with nothing but soft, downy fibers. even the fussiest and most sensitive of our test knitters are swooning over it. (hattie will vouch for it!)


interested? come see and purchase the fingering version at our after party popup shop right after the wool show, open sunday october 19th (2 pm on) through tuesday october 21st  at the marriott hotel in kingston, new york.
(click here to see photos of our first sample knits in this divine yarn)


we’ll have a VERY limited number of sample skeins available in a few shades, fingering weight only, while supplies last. come and get it.

oh phew, i have been keeping that secret for months; it feels SO GOOD to finally tell!

in fact, we will be talking about and playing with yarn and color for three days—why don’t you join us? learn, have fun, and enhance your stash; there are  a few spots left. click here for more details

boilermaker and mass transit

Monday, October 6th, 2014


some things—and some people—are just destined to be paired. what’s good on its own is suddenly great when the other is in the mix.


it’s like that with my friend chris from briar rose—we’re not attached at the hip, but whenever we work together, it feels like magic is in the mix.


this time, it’s a bevy of delicious cowls, knit up in easy to master color work patterns using her fourth of july and our bare naked wools confection sport. yowza.


the coolest thing about these projects is how many, many options you have—with just one pattern, one skein of dyed yarn and two shades of undyed yarn, you can knit three generously sized short cowls or one lo-o-ong cowl and one short one. but that’s not the best part.


the best part is that if you desire it, each one of those pieces can look completely different from the others. you’re friends will be aMAZed.


these are but a few of the combinations you could knit for the boilermaker cowl alone.

and if color’s not your thing, well . . .


you still have options.

(if you start now, you could knit a good number of them by the time the holidays are upon us.)


seriously, these could really put a dent in that holiday knitting list you’ve got going—and with so little effort, it’s almost criminal (but deliciously so).


shown above: mass transit cowl, size small, knit with briar rose fibers fourth of july (blue), combined with bare naked wools stone soup DK (marble and granite)

shown below: boilermaker cowl, size small, knit with briar rose fibers fourth of july (green), combined with bare naked wools confection sport (nougat and milk chocolate)


each pattern also includes a large size which is double the length; either size is easily adjustable in length and width.


the all-neutral version is knit with three shade of our new confection sport yarn.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the mass transit page or the boilermaker page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here and here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop

best of all, david has put together a kit! each kit includes your choice of mass transit or boilermaker pattern, two halfsie skeins (2 ounces/187 yards) of confection sport, AND one half size skein (4 ounces/275 yards) of briar rose fourth of july in your choice of four colors

OR two halfsie skeins (2 ounces/187 yards) of confection sport, AND one full skein (4 ounces/375 yards) of dark chocolate confection sport.


that’s enough yarn to knit three small cowls or one large and one small cowl; have we convinced you yet?


there’s one last option that might sway you . . .


cashmere lining anyone? it’s really easy to add a luxurious lining to your cowl—a sure barrier against even the fiercest winds. knit one for the person you love and watch them glow with the pleasure of it.

then knit your own as a reward; there’s enough for three or four add-on linings in just one skein of our pura bella undyed mongolian cashmere—get it while it lasts.


many thanks to my friends jude and lincoln for coming out after a long day at school to model these cowls for us. and of course also to the incredibly lovely sarah—isn’t she beautiful?

and for  my friend chris at briar rose fibers—visit both of us in her booth at rhinebeck in just a couple of weeks!


interested in exploring color a little more, maybe in the company of good friends? come join us at our rhinebeck after party event in kingston, new york right after rhinebeck weekend. we will be talking about and playing with yarn and color for three days—learn, have fun, and enhance your stash in our popup shop. click here for more details

days of wine . . . and wine!

Sunday, September 28th, 2014


the first day of fall is just just a few days behind us, but wow, have things changed around here. i can’t get over how much more color has appeared in the treetops in just one week’s time


or how much the garden has died back


neither one a cause for regret in my mind, because both signal the onset of full-on knitting season and the flurry of excitement that goes with it. time to dive back into the stash and take account, make shopping lists for fall wool shows and shop excursions, and begin scheming upon holiday knitting strategies for later in the season.


i don’t know about you, but my own excitement about the advance of wool-wearing weather is somehow amplified by the fact that it is so closely timed to harvest season, when a rich variety of plenty can be had on all levels.


right now, when time is once again freed up for evening knitting and it’s cool enough to knit with wool in hand, is a good time to work through a much-desired selfish knitting project.



maybe you’ve been desiring to stretch your skills a bit with something a bit more involved or  make a larger shawl you can enjoy layering on when the weather turns truly cold.


these two pretty pieces will fit the bill; large, light and lacy, you can wear them loose and fluttery when the sun is warmer and you just need a light cover


or bunched up into a lovely pile of warmth around your neck and shoulders when the temperatures are a bit brisk. either would be stunning as an accent at the throat of a classic, plain coat.


featured in both rectangle and semicircle versions as our october club patterns last fall, they share a composition of grape leaves and trellises, set agains a background of garter stitch and mesh.


the semicircle, zinfandel, begins with a small number of stitches and increases outward to the hem through a “pi” construction; once you work an increase row, your stitch count and patterning will stay the same until the next big increase row. it’s kind of a nice break from a construction which increases constantly; you can decide about halfway through whether you want to knit the petite or tall version.


the rectangle, syrah, also can be knit in two sizes and begins at the center back with a provisional caston and is worked outward to the hem in both directions, resulting in a solid “body” punctuated by eyelets, with lots of lacy texture down near the hems—wonderful for scarfing up if you like.


shown here is the petite stole (above) and the petite semicircle shawl (below), both knit in briar rose stella, colorway days of wine . . . and wine!, which was a custom dyed colorway for our club.


we have a very limited number of skeins left in our bare naked wools boutique; too few to list in our online shop. please contact david to inquire, using our contact form at right.   ETA: all gone now, thank you!


if it’s the single pattern you’re after, click here to view more information about the zinfandel shawl or here to read about the syrah rectangle scarf/stole. you may also view them in my ravelry pattern shop—click here for zinfandel and here for syrah.


these patterns are also included in the 2013 fall in full color eBook, along with fifteen other accessory patterns from the 2013 fall color collection—that’s a lotta patterns! anyone looking for a knitalong around these designs need not look further than the ravelry clubhouse where our color clubs meet—all are welcome and appreciated.

either of these beautiful shawls would be cushy and delicious in our chebris lace yarn or mrs lincoln’s lace.


i’ll be back tomorrow with a wrap up post about our wonderful grand opening party; stay tuned!

fall crocuses

Monday, September 22nd, 2014


wow. it’s the first day of fall and just like clockwork, the temperatures have dropped and the wind has picked up. our old house can be a bit drafty, especially in the morning. today, while other knitters might be savoring their first PSL of the season, i’m getting snuggly with my own coffee and knitting at home, under a cozy little lap blanket.


the crocus patch blanket has been published for a while actually, but only as part of the book, my grandmother’s knitting by larissa brown.


until now.


i didn’t know until recently that we could publish this blanket as a single pattern, but once we realized we could, i thought it would be so pretty knit in several of our yarns. so in a way, it’s nice that we waited.


this sample was knit by our dear friend hattie, in our chebris sport, a luscious blend of fine wool and yearling mohair. i can’t even begin to describe how soft and lovely this little number feels—i want to keep it all for myself. but it was made for everyone to see—i will share.


just for this morning though, i pretended it was mine. can you see those gorgeous mohair fibers catching the light?? so beautiful!

i keep imagining what it would look like in the cabécou brillant très bien. très belle. très great!


and if you are just now wondering how this might work up as a baby blanket option—i’m about to show you.


erica’s dad sent us these precious photos of little baby carter sacked out to great satisfaction on it.


nana candy knit his in breakfast blend fingering yarn for his christening gift, along with a wee slouchy cap i designed to go with it—hey it’s never too early to get them addicted, is it?


now, the cap and blanket are not just for the little ones—both patterns include sizes. the blanket has three and the cap has eight—one for every family member from preemie to adult.


the blanket show here is the smallest size; the hat is the 3-month size. they are both knit in the oatmeal shade of breakfast blend fingering yarn. it’s such a great color for a baby—it goes with everything, especially that lovely new skin.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the crocus cap page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


the small size blanket is perfect for taking along in the car, stroller, or carriage, while the medium and large sizes make excellent covers for crib and playpen as well as for use as a lap blanket.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the crocus blanket page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


yep—blankets in the fall make everyone happy. the perfect thing to celebrate the arrival of yarn season!