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It’s Back

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Hi, again! I had to drop by and show you some more tempting new things…..

For those of you that missed out on the spinning fiber last month, we have some more!

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This time around we have one of our very special plant fibers as a roving option. This super shiny and silky soft fiber is Hempshaugh Buckwheat. Hemp is usually a rough plant fiber, so many spinners haven’t used it, but this is a soft and unique blend that will make for an excellent project!

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The other fibers are Better Breakfast (65/35 Merino/Alpaca). This dark, stormy grey is a rich color that will complement many outfits and skin tones.

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This creamy white is a soft and luscious color. It has some slight variations in shade that lend a lot of character and charm to the roving.

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You all seemed smitten with the Chebris Multi last month, so we had our brilliant millers create a similar fiber blend in Better Breakfast. This unique mix is similar to our muesli with a stunning blend of grey and brown. It is the perfect shade for a sweater or accessory as it pairs beautifully with most neutrals.

Now, for the yarn! I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to use the fluffy and cozy new Better Breakfast Worsted to make a blanket wrap for my sister. I could not decide which of those shades to use, so I grabbed a couple skeins of each and decided on some stripes.



I am knitting Hypoteneuse. I highly recommend this pattern if you’re like me and haul your knitting everywhere! I knit in the car, in class, at the laundromat, restaurants, waiting rooms, and everywhere else. I had this pattern memorized three rows into the motif and it goes so quickly. I am knitting a half to a full stripe a day, depending on my homework demands.



My kitty, CC, loves to cuddle under it while I knit. She is an adult, but will never get bigger than a kitten due to a genetic disorder. She is a great knitting buddy and loves anything Alpaca!

More to tempt you…



Biscotti on the top and Muesli on the bottom. The biscotti is a little different from the fingering and DK shade as it was blended with brown alpaca and light merino as opposed to brown merino and light alpaca.

When I saw the two new shades in Worsted, I was planning my next project. I love the way this yarn is working up as a blanket or wrap, but I want to do a cabled hat like Woodcutters Toque or Gobi  with the new shades.

What would you knit with the new Worsted, and which fiber was your favorite this month?

eve in eden

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


eve in eden was the first pattern designed for our recent ENVY club and i know many knitters who were not members have been anxiously waiting for its general release, so here it is!


this asymmetrical wedge-shaped shawl, rich in twining leaf and vine motifs was an immediate hit, due in no small part to the gorgeous milky wool yarn dyed especially for us in the extra virgin colorway by christine of skeinny dipping yarns.


oh, the slinky, sexy softness and drape it has! truly just the perfect thing for a summer weight shawl that screams luxury.


the stitch pattern is a little complex, but also pretty easy to master for the adventurous knitter and whatta lotta bang for your buck at the end, eh?


because even while needing a wee bit more attention to execute, the construction is so much fun that the piece fairly flies off the needles.


the secret is that it gets smaller as you go, speeding up the work exponentially—before you know it, you are racing to the finish.


the pattern includes two sizes, a two-skein tall size (shown here) or a one-skein scarf/shawlette.


using a yarn with a soft sheen will make the most of the shadowing pattern cast by the large leaf motif.


to purchase pattern or view complete details, please click here to check out the listing in the knitspot pattern shop or here to view it on ravelry.


i have been traveling again in colorado—which is why i almost forgot to release this pattern. i’m filming a new craftsy class this week! i arrived a few days early to spend time with my friends luci and scott in ft. collins and they treated me to some wonderful hiking and sightseeing trips to the state and national parks. we barely sat still for a moment while i was there, so i’ve got tons of news and photos to share with you in the next few days—and knitting too! i’ll be back soon with all of that.


krokos blooms

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


well, that spring weather didn’t last . . . winter has finally hit our area, with temperatures plummeting down to the teens, wind howling, and snow flying—albeit, for the first time this winter.


but we are managing to stay cozy here, warmed by folds of our delicious better breakfast DK worked up in my new shawl design—Krokos, which was published in the spring issue of interweave knits—just in time for my birthday last week!


this snuggly shawl is just the thing for a sudden bout of bitter cold weather—big enough to wrap around on top of your coat lapels and light enough to fall into luxurious folds that capture warmth and hold it close. and who doesn’t love having an extra layer handy at the office?


one day soon, when spring comes on us suddenly, you can ditch that coat and just wear the shawl for a stylin’ solution to changeable weather—it’s attractive both coming and going in the warm coals shade (my favorite kind of clothing).


and even though it’s high on function, it’s also got some really fine features that are all aesthetic, from its openwork hem (just look how beautifully that BBDK yarn blocks out)


to the diagonal body pattern that falls into natural pleats so prettily around the shoulders.


i knit this lighter sample in our ginny sport yarn (in the georgia shade) on needles two sizes smaller than the pattern calls for, but my sample still blocked out to the same measurements as the DK version.


it’s a little airier and frothier, but still warm when gathered all about the head and neck. it would be lovely as a wedding shawl over bare shoulders; this is a nice fiber choice for sensitive skin.  ginny DK would also work well, lending a luscious density closer to the hand of the BBDK.


emily modeled this for the camera back in october, when we still had green leaves on the trees.


not only was the design included in the interweave issue, but they wrote up a lovely story about our bare naked wools yarn label as well; if you have a copy of the magazine, check it out on page 4.


and do you know, i haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: it is super easy to knit—that’s a promise. first, it has no special or challenging sts; just the basic k, p, yo, and simple decreases.


and then, the wrong side rows are worked entirely in purl except for a few at the very end, which are in knit. great for traveling or spectator knitting, terrific for beginners.


it’s a good choice for a first shawl project because the dramatic results belie its simplicity. who knows, this could be mister knitspot’s next knitting adventure . . .


after all, i’ve got another birthday coming up in less than a year.


Thursday, January 21st, 2016


it’s live! click the logo to take a look . . .
our first bare naked wools collection, with contributions from designers kiran badola, irina dmitrieva, anne hanson, rosemary hill, and general hogbuffer.

purchase downloadable ensemble patterns on ravelry or in our bare naked wools boutique . . . then move on to see a collection of ensemble kits in our luxurious winter yarns.

it’s been a labor of love for everyone here that was numerous months in the making; we are deeply grateful to all who contributed, test knit, tech edited, and hosted our photo shoots. i am especially grateful for the efforts of our team here—my superhero erica betz, the ever-agile andrew (our graphic designer), anne marie and ronni for tech editing, the lovely lillian, our dear models and friends, and of course, my partner in love and crime, david. thank you all!