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double happiness

Thursday, May 21st, 2015


looking for a fun, quick traveling project to take away this holiday weekend? no need to think twice—just cake up a skein of yarn, grab two sets of circular needles, download this pattern, and you are packed for the weekend.


you won’t need another project because this one is so addictive.


it starts off at the top with easy, mindless maneuvers—shorter rows all in garter stitch; exactly what you need while riding in the car, waiting in an airport lounge, or chatting with family and friends.


there’s quite a bit of luscious garter stitch texture to carry you right through your travel and settling in phase of the weekend—the perfect vehicle for getting comfy with a yummy yarn choice. mine is our better breakfast fingering yarn in the mocha shade, yum, yum.


you’ll probably be well relaxed and ready for a change of pace just when your top part gets to the right length. and presto! the hem begins just in time to buoy your interest.


but it’s not just any hem—this one is two hems in one, sooo much fun to see it tick off the needles.


the smallest size of this shawl can be knit with one skein of yarn and a few spare vacay days or evenings. it’s a great newbie shawl project, too—simple to start with just enough going on that it doesn’t look like a beginner work.


it makes a smart little layering piece to keep or give as a gift.


but if small shawls aren’t your thing, the pattern includes two more (taller) sizes.


as with its crescent sister, love me two times, the size is generous enough to wrap in a variety of ways

and with the reversible option there’s no limit.


shown here is the petite size, knit from one skein of better breakfast fingering yarn in the mocha shade.


to purchase pattern only or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


i know that some of our friends who’ve been doing the ravelry KAL for love me two times are just about ready for a new project to start—join us in the mothership group with any yarn, any size, any pace, any deadline. barb is going to create that thread very soon


we’ll be back at the great lakes fiber show this weekend in the same spot as last year; please come by to say hello and see what’s new in out booth.

We also have retreat classes going on here at the shop on friday evening and sunday as well as  yarn tasting on monday morning to end the weekend on sweet note. it’s not too late to join in; email us and we’ll get you signed up.


our rollout of the new mohair yarn selections begins on saturday morning—we have very limited stock in these yarns right now (we are spreading what we have between the site, the boutique and the wool show), so online quantities will be small at first. we will also have some at the show as well as in our shop—come by and take a look!


and if we don’t see you here, have a safe, wonderful holiday weekend—enjoy every minute!


Designer Spotlight: Janelle Martin

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Hope you are all doing flawlessly.

Let me just say – I think you’re in for a treat!

Janelle Martin’s Interwoven Blanket made in Bare Naked Wools Stone Soup Fingering

Janelle first met Anne in 2009 when she invited her to guest judge for her local knitter’s guild show.  She had just started designing, so you can imagine that having the opportunity to spend time with a designer that she really admired was the chance of a lifetime.   It was during this visit that Anne mentioned a new endeavour; one featuring all natural yarns.  Hence, the creation of Fall in Full Color and Bare Naked Knitspot.



Janelle Martin’s Every Which Way in Bare Naked Wools Confection



The first designs Janelle ever created using Bare Naked Wools, were the Every Which Way Collection.

“The first time I touched Bare Naked Wools ‘Confection’ I knew two things: 1) I wanted to wrap myself in the yarn and 2) the amount of “spring” in the yarn would make it a dream to knit with.”


Janelle is graciously offering not only an Every Which Way Set ebook but ALSO an Interwoven Blanket pattern to all of our blog readers!  Winning is easy; go to Janelle’s designer page and check out all of the beautiful pieces she’s designed since 2009!  Won’t you tell us what pattern you love!?  Winners will be selected Tuesday May 19th at midnight, (so getchur comments in!)  We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday! Happy commenting!




This past summer, Janelle traveled to New Foundland, specifically, the arctic coastal tundra region where the Vikings had the first European Settlement in North America.  This stunning landscape inspired her upcoming collection.  “I find the remote and stark landscapes inspiring – nature has such beautiful lines and movement.”

Janelle’s collection will offer 30-40 pieces (shawls/stoles, scarves, hats, cowls, blankets, and possibly socks.)  If she can squeeze them in!  I mean, that’s A LOT of knitted goodness!

“I knew right away that the beautiful, natural colours and textures of Bare Naked Wools paired perfectly with this landscape. The collection also features indie dyers, focusing on colours drawn from New Foundland and it’s geographical cousins in Iceland and coastal Ireland.”



The collection is being offered in three parts.  Part One will be released this August.  Part Two comes out at the end of this year and Part Three will be available in Spring of 2016.  Each part of the collection will be offered as an ebook or individual patterns.

Secret Society by Janelle Martin, coming in July 2015

Secret Society is a “teaser” pattern from the upcoming book.  The pattern calls for either Stone Soup Fingering or Mrs. Lincoln’s Lace.  It’s a bottom up, triangular shawl inspired by rocks found in The Burren, Ireland.



Janelle described her design process to me.  I find this aspect of knitted garments extremely interesting.  All too often, I’m wondering how a designer envisions a concept and thus, turns it into art:

My favourite items to design are shawls and stoles.  The large amount of space allows me to incorporate multiple stitch patterns. I call my design aesthetic “organic”. I like there to be continuous lines in my work, for the stitch patterns to grow out of each other. Often this means I have to create transition charts to move from one stitch pattern into the other. My complex lace designs, such as Cartouche Shawloften have five or six charts to handle these transitions, but the result is worth it.


Cartouche Shawl by Janelle Martin Knitted by Mari AKA rapelleykset on Ravelry


Janelle offered Cartouch as a Knitty pattern in Knitty’s Winter 2011 edition.

I’m drawn to the complexity of Japanese stitch patterns. Their stitch dictionaries show stitches that are combinations of smaller elements joined together and there is such beauty and complexity in their presentations. These stitch dictionaries approach knitting with a different eye and that is what I’m drawn to. I tend to combine patterns that share elements and can build cohesive designs out of these stitch patterns. An example of this is my Flower Bell Stole.


The cohesive element in this design is the raised flower bud. It appears in the attached edging, the bottom border, two different sizes in the left/right borders and in large form in the centre panel. The use of this element in various sizes creates cohesiveness of design. Of course, these stitch patterns “eat” yarn just like cables do and so I had to work through several iterations of this design before I found a final version I liked that didn’t require excessive amounts of yarn.


Here at Knitspot HQ, we are so excited to see what Janelle has in store over the next few months!  Her 3 part series is sure to be a treat for the eyes and a joy to knit.  We’re thrilled to be in collaboration with her and we wish her incredible success!


She wishes to mention one last thing:

I owe a lot to the incredible support, encouragement and mentorship provided by fellow designers like Anne Hanson and Kate Atherley, indie dyers/designers such as Kim McBrien Evans (Indigodragonfly) and Tabi Ferguson (Sericin Silkworks), industry professionals such as Amy Singer (Knitty) and Sanguine Gryphon who included my early designs in their publications, and Karen Crouch, the amazing owner of my LYS Shall We Knit?  I would not be where I am today without the invaluable resource these incredible women have been and their excellent advice.


My designs are available through Ravelry, Patternfish and LoveKnitting, as well as on my website (


Sunday, May 3rd, 2015


like i said the other day, i will always gravitate to clothing with more of “guy” look, but occasionally something dressier is required and when that is the case, i like to have even more control over my comfort.


nothing cheats the requirement to dress up like a garment knit with soft, elegant luxury yarn, whether dyed in a rich hue like this sprint trail tayet or worn in the pearly natural tones of our better breakfast fingering yarn


sexy detailing on the sleeve and at the small of the back


a spill of rich openwork down the center


deceive the eye into thinking this piece is much more structured than it really is. lucky for us, it’s not—it is exceedingly light, stretchy, and comfortable to wear, the perfect finish to a simple dress or loose silk trousers.

or jeans—it has the power to elevate.


the other nice thing about this design? it works with a wide variety of yarns.


the prototype was knit in 100% BFL tayet, a new 3-ply fingering yarn from spirit trail fiberworks. this silky, strong yarn offers both crisp stitch definition and elegant drape with a soft sheen, for gorgeous brocade texture.


not to mention how beautifully it takes dye—just look at this deep cobalt blue color.


softer and a bit fuzzier, the better breakfast fingering yarn translates differently, but with equally beautiful results—this fabric follows the curves of the garment shaping but skims over the body forgivingly.


here the fabric has a lush surface that catches the light and rolls it along each squishy curve in the stitch pattern, pulling the eye front and center.

this design could also be knit in our stone soup fingering yarn—in fact, i have a secret desire to knit a third sample in the river rock shade (don’t tell anyone; i’m supposed to be working on something new).


the design has a tailored shoulder line with set in sleeves—options for long or elbow length included—for the ultimate in elegant fit. subtle waist shaping gives the illusion of a close fit while nipping out just an inch or so.


the lapel/collar is knitted right in and grafted at the center back neck, with a minimum of finishing work (don’t be afraid of the grafting—i will hold your hand all the way through with my free craftsy grafting class).


shown above, long sleeved cardigan in size small, knit in sprit trail tayet, color midnight rendezvous. if you are visiting the maryland sheep and wool show today, stop off at jen’s booth to see the sample and fondle the yarns—you won’t be disappointed! if you purchase the tayet yarn to knit this sweater, she will gift you a copy of the pattern.

shown below, cardigan ins size small with elbow length sleeve, knit in bare naked wools better breakfast fingering yarn, color porridge.


erica has put together a kit for the triticum design which includes the pattern and enough better breakfast fingering yarn to knit either long- or elbow-length sleeves; knitter’s choice of shades (currently there are eight shades in stock).


barb was going to knit hers in stone soup fingering yarn because it’s her favorite, but then decided on BBF in sugarfrost at her husband’s request instead. (barb did finish her sweater too, but not in time for photos yesterday; we’ll show you hers later this week).

to purchase pattern only or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


have a wonderful week; the weather here is fine. i’ll be back in a few days with photos of barb’s finished cardigan and some behind the scenes shots from our all-day seaming party.


the mister’s

Friday, May 1st, 2015


i’ve always held a fondness for man-styled clothing; i don’t know why, but a neat, tailored, no-frills look feels right for me.


maybe it’s because i move so fast and have little patience with clothing that requires constant and readjustment. or perhaps my small frame is easily overtaken by garments that are too complicated.

whatever the reason, the stuff i gravitate to over and over is soft, easy to pull on, simple to look at and wear.

hand knits are perfect for my life; they fulfill nearly all my clothing expectations and then some (with perhaps the exception of pants).


every sweater that i design is one that i would wear—even the slightly fancier ones. but it is a sweater like this that i will live in, pulling it out of the drawer several times a week and packing it in my suitcase when i travel.


i love that the knitted fabric has the texture of a classic woven one; it gives the garment a sense of history and background. the button detail at the side hem and neck add just the right amount of adornment, without going overboard—they are very easy to live with day to day.


whether it’s the color version or the natural, soft tailoring in just the right places ensures a great fit where it counts, allowing the knitter to decide where more might be wanted. optional side seam shaping (as in the orange sample) can be worked for a closer fit


or left out for men and women who want a slouchier, relaxed shape—as in the natural sample. not to mention the pullover/cardigan option—instructions for both are included.


shown above, the shaped cardigan (size M) in briar rose joyful, a springy 3-ply sport yarn spun from 100% polwarth wool and handpainted in michigan by my friend chris roosien of briar rose fibers. if you are headed to the maryland sheep and wool show this weekend, you can see this sample in her booth (please do stop and say hello to chris).

shown below, the pullover (also size M) with a boyfriend fit, in our very own bare naked wools better breakfast DK, a 60% merino/40% dehaired alpaca blend in color muesli (oops, that shade is gone for now but we’ll have more in a couple of weeks). erica has created a kit which includes pattern and this luxuriously soft yarn in the knitter’s choice of natural shades; please click here to check that out.


to see this sample, you’ll just have to come visit us at the bare naked wools boutique. we’ll make it worthwhile . . .

to purchase pattern only or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


looks like it’s going to be a FABulous weekend for a wool show—please join us throughout the next few days for some virtual sheep and wool fun; we’ve got activities planned!

and of course, another pattern release in two days, plus the big reveal—did barb and i finish our sweaters in time to show them off? be here sunday to find out!

ETA: david and i finally got some modeling shots of this garment just as the sun was setting last evening—want to see them?