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krokos blooms

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


well, that spring weather didn’t last . . . winter has finally hit our area, with temperatures plummeting down to the teens, wind howling, and snow flying—albeit, for the first time this winter.


but we are managing to stay cozy here, warmed by folds of our delicious better breakfast DK worked up in my new shawl design—Krokos, which was published in the spring issue of interweave knits—just in time for my birthday last week!


this snuggly shawl is just the thing for a sudden bout of bitter cold weather—big enough to wrap around on top of your coat lapels and light enough to fall into luxurious folds that capture warmth and hold it close. and who doesn’t love having an extra layer handy at the office?


one day soon, when spring comes on us suddenly, you can ditch that coat and just wear the shawl for a stylin’ solution to changeable weather—it’s attractive both coming and going in the warm coals shade (my favorite kind of clothing).


and even though it’s high on function, it’s also got some really fine features that are all aesthetic, from its openwork hem (just look how beautifully that BBDK yarn blocks out)


to the diagonal body pattern that falls into natural pleats so prettily around the shoulders.


i knit this lighter sample in our ginny sport yarn (in the georgia shade) on needles two sizes smaller than the pattern calls for, but my sample still blocked out to the same measurements as the DK version.


it’s a little airier and frothier, but still warm when gathered all about the head and neck. it would be lovely as a wedding shawl over bare shoulders; this is a nice fiber choice for sensitive skin.  ginny DK would also work well, lending a luscious density closer to the hand of the BBDK.


emily modeled this for the camera back in october, when we still had green leaves on the trees.


not only was the design included in the interweave issue, but they wrote up a lovely story about our bare naked wools yarn label as well; if you have a copy of the magazine, check it out on page 4.


and do you know, i haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: it is super easy to knit—that’s a promise. first, it has no special or challenging sts; just the basic k, p, yo, and simple decreases.


and then, the wrong side rows are worked entirely in purl except for a few at the very end, which are in knit. great for traveling or spectator knitting, terrific for beginners.


it’s a good choice for a first shawl project because the dramatic results belie its simplicity. who knows, this could be mister knitspot’s next knitting adventure . . .


after all, i’ve got another birthday coming up in less than a year.


Thursday, January 21st, 2016


it’s live! click the logo to take a look . . .
our first bare naked wools collection, with contributions from designers kiran badola, irina dmitrieva, anne hanson, rosemary hill, and general hogbuffer.

purchase downloadable ensemble patterns on ravelry or in our bare naked wools boutique . . . then move on to see a collection of ensemble kits in our luxurious winter yarns.

it’s been a labor of love for everyone here that was numerous months in the making; we are deeply grateful to all who contributed, test knit, tech edited, and hosted our photo shoots. i am especially grateful for the efforts of our team here—my superhero erica betz, the ever-agile andrew (our graphic designer), anne marie and ronni for tech editing, the lovely lillian, our dear models and friends, and of course, my partner in love and crime, david. thank you all!


boogy cowl

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


need a very quick last minute gift? ready for a project with some color changes?


the boogy cowl can be knit any way, whether you prefer an organized pattern of stripes, something random and fun to use up bits of leftovers, or a solid color for more textural impact.


our shorter version is knit in narrow stripes that repeat as a group; striping will emphasize the undulating movement created by increases and decreases in the openwork. in a longer version you’ll double the effect—bigger impact when worn long and loose or a pile of stripey goodness when wrapped twice.


i knit mine very quickly so we could could get this last minute pattern out to you, but now that we have it, we’re planning more samples in our favorite neutrals


like gradient shades of cozy better breakfast DK or confection sport and a mix of every shade of luxe chebris or cabécou sport. i can’t decide between BBK and chebris sport for my own . . .


needless to say, this would make an excellent lat minute gift—not only is it useful and pretty, but so fun to knit; if you have to put your nose to grindstone to crank something out, it should at least be loads of fun!


shown above, the medium size cowl in bare naked wools festivus 2.0, in colors (light to dark) fezziwig, christmas present, cratchit, and scrooge. Festivus 2.0 is an overdye of our confection sport, a 3-ply yarn spun from 100% soft corriedale wool raised in upstate new york.


click here to purchase or to view complete pattern details—as with the slow dog noodle scarf/wrap pattern, this particular listing is a little different—thanks to david’s hard work today, there’s a dropdown menu so you can choose your purchase price, from $6 and up (we’ve added options for those who would like to give more).

from now through december 31st, 100 percent of every single boogy cowl pattern sale (plus extra donations) will be added to the red scarf scholarship fund!! as of yesterday our fund was up to $2940—so awesome! thanks to your generosity we are on track to surpass last year’s goal and do our part to keep up with the rising cost of education.


purchasing is as easy as any other pattern on our site; it just requires that tiny extra step of using the pulldown menu. the pattern is also available on ravelry, however, we cannot set up the extra donation option there. if you’d like to make an extra donation, we ask that you purchase here and request for us to send it to you in ravelry (your download will be immediately available here; it may take a little while for us to process the rav thing. we appreciate your patience!).


thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic participation in this even year after year. it means so much to us, but be assured it means even more to our student recipient.


speaking of students, isn’t helena looking wonderful these days?? she is currently finishing up her waldorf early childhood education certificate and working in several children’s programs around town. she is also interning with a design studio downtown and working with us a photo stylist. thank you so much helena for taking some time to model our latest release!


Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


we all have knitting heroes, right? i gotta tell you, mine is barb. cuz the only reason this pattern is ready to roll so soon is that she brought in the big needles and put them to work.


first, she knit this gorgeous short version of my new cabled coat design, vendange. doesn’t emily look stunning in knit in this sample, knit in cabernet red vesta, a new merino bulky yarn from spirit trail fiberworks? (i once read that true red will work for any coloring and i think it’s true!).


i don’t usually wear much red, but this one is rockin’—jen called it exactly right.

anyway, back to barb and how she is my hero, she barely had that red jacket off the needles—actually, she didn’t have it off the needles, come to think of it—when she was itching to start a second one in our chebris worsted (i was originally supposed to knit it but we all knew that would just slow things down).


anyway, before i knew it she was dropping the chebris coat off for me to complete the finishing work. that was sunday. she is god.


i got all the seaming and trims put on by yesterday and today we photographed it. and i just couldn’t take it off—this garment is simply to die for. soft as a cloud and nearly as light, it is both warm and breathable—my very favorite combination. i wore it all day and not an itch or a prickle.

thank you barb; i love it. i look froward to wearing it all weekend at the NYS sheep and wool show (rhinebeck)!


this sweater has several versions and we love them all—from the short jacket, which is so sexy looking when paired with a skirt or dress as emily wears it here


to the coat version, also in red vesta that i showed you last week. the longer one is elegant with pants or no nonsense with a short skirt.



not to mention warm—if you (or someone you love) are fond of wearing thin leggings all year round, a longer sweater coat might be just what you were wishing for as the season begins to get chilly.


and lucky for you, this sweater knits up so fast in bulky weight yarn that you can actually have one by the time the wind gets serious (and if you’re anything like barb, you could have one in just a few days).


whether it’s the coat or jacket, hand dyed or natural, you will enjoy the cushy depths of its cable texture and deep, ribbed collar that converts to a button-up cowl


speaking of buttons, aren’t these glass buttons by moving mud spectacular? sarina is absolutely visionary when it comes to making custom buttons—we write, enclose a swatch that is a good representation of the knitted fabric, and couple weeks later a little package arrives that contains the perfect buttons (even if you don’t think so).


for the frosty beige chebris coat in color frappé, i ordered some from sarina, but until they come, i am using a set i sorted out from my big box of vintage abalone shell buttons. i love the way they look; i may just keep them on this coat and use the ones i ordered for another garment i am knitting.


the chebris yarn has a really cool feature, a result of its mix of long mohair (which blooms to form a big halo) and short, fine merino (which doesn’t). as the mohair gets worked a bit and begins to really separate from the yarn shaft in long, shiny tendrils, it forms a sort of “fog” over the underlying merino, lending the fabric a frosted appearance. it is the coolest thing.


mine has been washed and is drying now—and as it does, i’ll be “encouraging” that effect by shaking and reshaping frequently. it will take a little wearing as well, but i plan to never take it off for the next week so that should do it.


yes, it’s going to be increasingly chilly as the week goes on but we will be ready.

shown above, long coat in size small, knit with spirit trail vesta in colorway vendange (BTW, vendange is the french term for grape harvest, but also an untranslatable word for the way the season feels). 1-inch flat glass custom buttons by moving mud. jen will have this color of vesta in her booth at rhinebeck and i believe she is also taking orders through her website.

shown below, jacket in size small, knit in the exact same yarn and colorway.


we all take turns wearing this one—it’s the shop favorite at the moment, so cozy and yummy


and finally on myself above, the long coat in size small, knit in bare naked wools chebris worsted, color frappé. chebris worsted is also currently available in dragée and truffe; we are expecting a good sized order of these and more shades in a few weeks—including a new cream shade (haven’t decided on a name yet). and as soon as we can score some dark mohair fiber, charbon will be in the works.


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)


rev up your fall knitting by meeting up with us in the BNWs rav group threads or the knitspot rav threads to knit along and share updates on your progress. we enjoy a wonderful community of knitters in our groups—it’s the best place to get advice, ask pattern questions, and find support and answers; won’t you join us?


ok, then, it is VERY late (after 3 am) and i still have a few things to take care of before i can sleep tonight this morning. tomorrow, kimkimkim arrives and i’m so excited i don’t think i could sleep if i tried! in a few hours, i need to bake that cake i promised her and david . . .


she is gonna LOVE this coat.