do you whorl and twirl?

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today i am bending to the pressure of the peanut gallery to write about spinning. in fact, i think i should try to have one day each week when i cover my spinning. for those of you who just want to see knitting, scroll past that to find my knitting updates. i even added some […]

yarn rant phone list ready later today

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for those participating in the yarn rant, who need a phone or street mail list, that will be available late this afternoon!! the email lists are done and will be posted around 7 pm wednesday evening, so that the rant is concentrated all into one day.

combo knitting cable mania

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i’ll start off with some knitting today—since i actually DID do a bit of knitting at wooster (but strangely, did not do much of it at home this weekend. hmm—well, that’s gardening for you). anyway, so, saturday i got to take two classes with the wonderful Annie Modisett. the first one was an introduction to […]

woo-woo wooster!

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i don’t even know where to begin! i took about 100 pictures and talked to SO many people at the wooster fiber show this weekend. there were animals, exhibits, classes, and shopping—what to tell about first? well, i guess first and foremost, if i haven’t mentioned this before, this show is NOT maryland!! and from […]