Wooster, Wooster!

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Earlier today we began setting up our space/booth at the Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster Ohio. Booth is located under the bleachers, not as bleak or dreary as it may sound, but a well lighted space. Unfortunately we are not on the official vendor list as there were some issues with registration.

Here are the particulars:

Where: Great Lakes Fiber Show, Wayne County Fair, 199 Vanover St, Wooster, OH 44691

Time: 10 to 5 on Sat (10/28) and 10 to 4 on Sun (10/29)

Great opportunity to meet Anne and Erica, I will be minding our Boutique (showroom) in Canton. Also, see the Ensemble Collection (Spring) in person, feel the quality of Bare Naked Wools yarn and lots of patterns to peruse. Will have more of BNW Ginny Sport, plus loads more of other yarn.

Stop by and say hey.

$5 Off for Earthday thru 4/22

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Happy Earthday.


Get $5 off with the purchase of $50 or more from Knitspot store, use coupon code: earthday, coupon good for Envy Club memberships as well.

Mister Knitspot



BNK 2013 Black Friday

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Hope everyone has indulged fully this Thanksgiving. Anne and I, spent Thanksgiving with a good friend and her family (et al extended), we are so grateful to be able to spend the holiday with Debby’s family. Some amazing food, particularly Simon’s grilled vegetables and an outrageously delicious trillium cake baked by Debby (apparently even better the next day).

Managed a bit knitting, Anne started me on this impromptu knitting project, a simple dish cloth. If you have not used one of these hand knitted dish clothes you are truly missing out, an indispensable cleaning implement. Speaking of impromptu, there was some very special entertainment by the younger persons (children) of this gathering. Music, singing, joke telling and dancing, a slightly raucous, but in a good innocent way as young boys tend to this such predilection. Very impressed by these kids, the ability to perform without any prompting from their parents or any other adults. A huge thank you to Debby and Robin for a great Thanksgiving.


Bare Naked Knitspot Yarn Club


Bare Naked Knitspot knitting club’s first Black Friday, we are really pleased to be able extend this modest discount of $10 off any membership with yarn and $2 off for a pattern only (eBook) membership, one day only, signup here. BNK is really a rather unique in it’s offerings, there is particular expressed beauty of natural wool and when paired with a pattern designed specifically for that yarn, the result is something truly extraordinary (click here for more information ). In this knitting club, we celebrate yarn, design, art and the members (Ravelry clubhouse). Allow me to share once more an excerpt from a chapter of previous BNK knitting club:

my initial vision for the final month was a large scarf or stole project in a floaty, sheer silk yarn, but i wasn’t sure about sending out a super-fine silk yarn. 

i began to suspect that compromises were in my near future, heh. i was determined to exhaust my options however, so along with beckie, set to work tracking down possible sources. when we received sample cards from treenway silks, i felt like we’d hit the silk motherlode—the array of wild silks in all colors was just what i was looking for; they monopolized my attention and imagination.

i immediately seized on the wild muga as my favorite—the dark, golden tan color was exactly what i wanted for our club. the yarn was very fine, however and i was pretty sure our membership would be happier with something heavier. so we began talking about a custom spinning order.

with the knot in my stomach growing ever tighter, i reported in to susan who was anxiously awaiting my feedback. i poured my doubts out to her like a barfly weeping into my beer and she wrote back with a few gentle suggestions and more helpful information about handling silk. by this time, i needed a break so i put my first swatches aside to think about things for a few days.

i couldn’t be more happy with the results—they feel especially sweet in the face of all the unknown factors leading up to the finished design. but in the end this is just the reason i wanted to do this club—to explore the beauty of unusual fibers, to experience true adventure, and to celebrate the results, no matter where our travels landed us.  —- anne hanson

Below, Photos of BNK 2012 Club Yarn and Project:

We offer to share this knitting club with you, the eBook itself is worthy of a proper bound book. The amount of research yielded, collaborating artist, brilliant pattern design are all differentiators and make Bare Naked Knitspot a most unique and desirable knitting club.

Hope you will join us and thank you.

I love your comments, especially welcome those of you that have experienced the first BNK knitting club and if you just want to say hey.

Mister Knitspot.




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this new sweater is destined to be a real favorite for me and i hope it is the same for you; it’s light, comfy and easy to toss on by itself over other layers. while it has plenty of volume, that extra fabric drapes beautifully against the body without adding bulk.

so that for all of its comfort and ease, it feels luxurious and streamlined as well, with only the most subtle of textures breaking its calm surface.

the body of this garment has the simplest of shapes that knits up quickly and easily; if you’ve fallen behind on that goal of knitting a sweater to wear to the fall shows, this just may be your answer.

uncomplicated enough to knit while watching TV or cheering on your weekend sports warriors, there is just enough going on to keep this project at the top of your work basket, with the pile of finished pieces growing.

all the trims are incorporated into the knitting of the main pieces so that once you’ve knit all five of them, you are done, save for sewing up four straight seams. it couldn’t be simpler to put together.

just ask all of our lovely test knitters, who finished their caïssa sweaters quickly enough to share our results as a group. they were gracious enough to send me photos for an album to share with you.

lara (above), anne marie (below) and myself all knit our sweaters with spirit trail fiberworks holda, a luxurious  lambswool/cashmere/angora blend, that has the softest, most sophisticated hand and a beautiful sueded surface.

 don’t you just want to reach through the screen to touch it? believe me, i wish you could . . .

it’s luscious  to knit with and wear; you won’t want to put it down.

i’ve knit mine with a new colorway—purple haze—that jen created just for knitting into this sweater. anne marie (above) has chosen seaweed, and lara (below) picked rosewood. and of course jen has a full array of gorgeous colors just waiting to be picked up from her online shop.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase the pattern in our ravelry pattern shop.

but the fun doesn’t stop there . . . barb (below) has knit her caïssa in briar rose wistful, a merino/alpaca/silk blend

doesn’t she look stunning in this blue-gray colorway? oh look—chris has named the color caïssa, so we can find it as easily as possible, haha. thanks chris!

wistful makes a lovely fabric for this sweater too—a bit heavier in weight, but with the same soft surface and drape.

it’s interesting to note that the sizing of this garment is very flexible; while lara knit the extra-small size, the rest of us have all knit the small/medium size, with the result that it is shown here with a varying amount of ease.

barb’s blue sample was actually knit for chris to wear and display in her booth. while it fits barb well, she has decided she’d like a looser-fitting one as well and is knitting, since she is quite a bit taller and broader through the shoulders.

she is already halfway through another new one in the next size up (barb is our house over-achiever; we love that about her!), this time in a beautiful green/gold colorway that looks outstanding with her eyes and hair (yes, even more than the blue).

i threw this one on for a few photos as well, so you could get an idea of what i’m talking about. if you are trying to decide between sizes and are looking for a little more room to move around in, choose the bigger size. if you like a closer fit, choose the smaller size.

on me, this sweater has about twelve inches of ease; while on barb, it has more like four—either way, it provides a nice fit, since the shoulders can sit anywhere.

we also have a beautiful sample contributed by jody, who knit hers in madelinetosh merino DK, in a rich red colorway (i don’t know which one, maybe oxblood?)

doesn’t it look amazing with her skin? jody finished this one up last week, i think and then emailed yesterday to say she likes it so much, she is already knitting a second one. she says this will be her go-to autumn sweater; what a great compliment, thanks jody!

well, i think that just about wraps up what i have to say about caïssa today; i’m off to the east coast to teach for the next ten days; next time you hear from me, i’ll be in sunny (and hopefully warmer) maryland.

and as always, many thanks to david for his wonderful photography, capturing both the fun and the serious moments and once again, our most grateful appreciation to lara, anne marie, barb, jody, and karolyn for their help and expertise in bringing you another knitspot design.
have a good weekend!