scenes from the before

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can you believe i spent the whole day packing and organizing for this trip? what a dawdler, eh? it was good though; i really REALLY think i’ve got all my bases covered: class materials—check teaching notes—check music and audiobooks—check laptop updated—check camera, cables, ephemera—check passport, tickets, money—check clothes, woolens, shoes, underwear, socks, etc—check knitting projects […]

the great white north

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i was home barely a day last week when it was time to take off again for the next teaching gig. i just managed to get my mail squared away before i had to leave again. this time, however, it was just an hour’s drive from home into the more remote, northern part of northeast […]

we are jonesing . . .

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you know, it’s SUCH a shame that so much beach space is devoted exclusively to surfers—i mean really?? all that empty sand anbd no one but surfers can tread on it . . . bummer, huh? on our last day on the west coast, kim and i went to ocean beach to walk around, peruse […]

this is the life . . .

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there is sun everywhere here, even on my plate! the citrus fruit is just coming into ripeness here at kim’s house and we’ve all been gorging on tangerines, oranges, and grapefruit sweet enough to peel an eat in sections. i don’t know how i’m going to tear myself away to fly home tomorrow . . […]