let it grow

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this holiday weekend is all about growing, haha.


the weather was so changeable the day before we left home that i was a little concerned we’d run into problems, but apparently all the snow fell the week before in the areas we were traveling through on tuesday.


but we ended having a glorious day for travel—beautiful late fall skies from start to middle


to end


traveling east, it gets dark now by 4:30 or so even on a nice day like this, so we got to see a clear moonrise before arriving at our destination.


so pretty . . .

i drove the first half and then worked on my red snow tire fundraiser scarf until it got dark.


i didn’t get as many repeats knit as i thought i would—because i also also dozed off a couple of times, having gone to bed only a few hours before getting up to leave home. napping is one of the little luxuries of travel, hehe.

i’m so glad we planned ahead and took that extra day before thanksgiving to travel because we had no idea what was in store for us the next day . . .


the first big east coast snow storm of the year hit midday with a vengeance and did not let up until early the next morning. in fact my mom and i were out when it started and within minutes it was a white-out storm.


we finished up our errands quickly and headed home to watch it snow while we started the cooking for thursday. i opted for the gym that afternoon instead of outdoor running, hehe.


we watched movies and knitted all evening; it was wonderfully relaxing. my mom is working on a secret project which i hope to show you in january.


by midnight, we began to worry that my thursday morning race might be called off, but no—that hardly ever happens (last year we ran in the snow at home, too).


sure enough, the race was on—thursday morning david and i got up and headed out in the dark for troy, where the 67th troy turkey trot was scheduled to begin at 8 am.


the scene outside was a holiday card come to life!


all the way over to troy i took pictures out the car window—one of my favorite passenger seat pastimes, haha.


the scene was spectacular with heavy snow clinging to each and every branchlet and blade of grass


the sun was just getting ready to rise as we descended toward downtown.


i think this one was actually taken on the way home, but you can’t really tell the difference in the sky.


overnight work crews made a miracle happen in terms of clearing the snow for the start of the event, which annually draws a crowd of about 8,000 runners and walkers


this was david’s first visit to downtown troy, so i was grateful the streets of old troy were looking so pretty and were so easy to navigate that morning.


one reason i opted to run the longer—and earlier—10K event was that i figured it would draw less people, so we’d be able to navigate it more easily, getting in and out ahead of the 5k surge.

and i was right—while there certainly was a big enough crowd at the 8 am start


it’s really nice that they open the atrium mall building to shield the runners from the weather as we prepare for the race.


david hung out to take pictures during the race and managed to catch me as i ran by him at the start line—now you see me


now you don’t.


we ran down to the green island bridge and across to a turnaround, then back again,  before up heading along river street. dear david started snapping photos when those first couple of groups got back to the foot of the bridge—as though i had a prayer of pacing with them, haha!


no, i was well back with my own age group, heh.


despite the cold and snow and my slow pace, this event was a lot of fun and if we’re back in albany for future thanksgivings, i’ll run it again.


runners also donated cash and food items to contribute to the capital area food bank.


afterward it was back into the warm car as quickly as possible and to home for a hot shower. brrr, the temperatures have been chilly here this weekend.

once i was home and into dry clothes again, it was time to start working on dinner.


my mom had a rotisserie turkey breast for herself, but wanted lots of vegetables, which is always our favorite part of the meal.

it was just the three of us, but we made all our favorites and then some.


even gluten-free bread stuffing (which was good and almost no extra trouble to make).


after the dishes were washed and put away, i worked some more on my red scarf while we watched another movie (we tend to watch a lot of films while we’re together)

another thing we’ve worked on while we’re here is getting my mom on an iPhone to replace her tracfone (it’s been quite the project, haha).


anyway thanks to david, we are finally all squared away; she has the phone, some accessories, and is looking forward to using it, especially since her car lacks GPS. this will be a good all-in-one tool for her.


while i was packing for this trip, i decided i needed a change of pace for my neckwear and since i was packing a new, dark teal dress to wear to a retirement party last night, i decided to bring my personal copy of the pine and ivy shawlette. this one in size medium is knit from a cashmere/silk lace yarn that i spun by hand—in fact, i designed this shawl to use that yarn, knitting a prototype first in alpaca lace to test my pattern and make sure i had enough in my two-ounce skein.


i don’t know why i haven’t worn this more often! it feels so wonderful and looks great with both my hair color and the gray colors i favor for coats and jackets. i think i thought it was “too nice” to use.

silly me . . .

alright now, it’s dinner time and i need to rustle up some grub for dinner; we are heading home tomorrow and will be back at our desks for our cyber monday event. wow, the holiday went by so fast. i hope it was really, REALLY good for all of you; safe travels and see you back at home.



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some things just take time; my bocce cap being a good example example. the design is based on the baci scarf/cowl , which was last year’s red scarf fundraiser pattern.


i knit several of these hats at that time, eager to make a set and enthused about the way this piece reflects the patterns seen on bocce balls.


i had two colorways of studio june springy sport to work with on this project and knit one in each color—the red (here comes trouble) was my prototype and the blue (midnight teal) was to test out the sizing of the pattern. i wrote down nothing, confident that i’d be putting it all on paper within hours of finishing the blue).


but the poor thing got lost in the undertow of a very busy winter and spring with the result that the pattern never got written.

in late spring i knit another in our newest shade of kent DK (driftwood), partly to test out the yarn and partly to remind myself of the pattern details. this time, i was really going to get that pattern written up—readers were asking about it!


heh. best laid plans and all that . . . it never got done.

then summer arrived and with it, our cotton KAL on ravelry and beautiful organic cotton yarns to sell in our online shop (most colors recently restocked, BTW). well, i just had to knit some of that into a few hats for mister knitspot.


i remembered the bocce hat and decided it was time to dust that off and get the ball rolling—it would be the perfect fall cap in cotton sport. so, while i was in denver over the fourth of july weekend, i knit one in the wonderfully soft chocolate pakucho cotton (above).

my friend luci swooned over its softness and i made a mental not about holiday gifts and immediately cast on another in the mauve fifo sport that might go to her husband scott.


with each yarn i got to explore the pattern anew—some of these are super soft and drapey, some are crisp, with more weight, and some are light and airy, wicking away moisture to keep your head cool and dry.

and don’t ask—i can’t decide which is my favorite.

the pattern is awfully fun to knit, that i will give you—i think i’ve knit five or six of these altogether and i’m still thinking i might need to knit another (even though luci fawned over that chocolate hat, i think with her white-blond hair, she’d look smashing in the deep green cotton).


and how cute would it be just to knit and wear that textured brim as an ear band? i’d take one of those . . .


and my board of directors agrees.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the bocce page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop


well, now we’ve come full circle and it’s nearly december once again—the 2015 red scarf fundraiser is already underway; can you believe a whole ‘nuther year has passed again? the hat pattern is done and just in time, too—baby, it’s cold outside!

thank you to all of our wonderful models and yarn producers who made such a varied journey possible!

(i did manage to knit my two or three repeats for the day, BTW.  i forgot to take a photo, but i’m getting ready to go away in the morning and holy cow, have you looked at the time?? i have to get up early, too!)

so i’ll be knitting away on my red tire scarf all the way to albany (or as long as mister knitspot will drive and let me). we have a full calendar for the days we’ll spend with my mom, cooking, celebrating thanksgiving, running the turkey trot (well, i will be doing that, anyway), and hopefully, knitting and watching a good share of movies together.

i’ll be back in a day or two with exiting updates on our adventures.


Deals, Deals, Deals!

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Shop_Small_Logo_Aus_CMYKAre you ready for some BIG deals to get your knitting fingers motivated? Were you just wondering what you could tell family members you desired this holiday season? Hold onto your hats. Inspiration is ahead…

Black Friday is THIS Friday and Blanket Statement signups open to the public! This club  was very motivated by Knitspot customers dying for a blanket club. Many of you saw Kim’s blanket in Stone Soup featured on the blog (check out Anne’s post here for a trip down memory lane) and said we need a blanket club! With Bare Naked Wools!


So Anne put an awesome club together – 12 motifs from favorite Knitspot patterns to knit in your choice of Stone Soup DK


or Kent DK.

coconut-husk-kelp web

You can choose a 4-shade small kit, or a 5-shade large kit. And of course there is a “double dip” option for those that would like to knit both a large and baby-sized blanket. The club yarn ships all at once, with a few goodies, and from February to June you will receive pattern updates on the 17th of each month. Anne includes instructions for knitting all of the motifs in strips or blocks. And if you’re unsure about knitting a blanket, Anne includes additional design items along the way. You can see all of the options of the club here. On Black Friday ONLY the club will be offered at a discount. Just a reminder to current clubbies – you have until Thursday night to utilize your deeper discount on the club. Check your email for the code.

Our other deal for Friday is any purchase of $25 or more online and at the boutique, will receive a free gift!

Small Business Saturday will be celebrated both online and at the boutique! We love this special day to thank so many of you for supporting our small business that supports, inspires, and encourages other small businesses. Over the last 8 years, Knitspot has worked with hundreds of small business owners and your support helps us continue this path. Thank you. Any purchases of $25 or more receive a FREE color card; they’re so handy in planning future projects!

coconut-husk-kelp-yarn-card-2 web

And…drumroll please…on Cyber Monday FREE SHIPPING (with coupon – will appear on banner at top of page and in upcoming Newsletter) site-wide on purchases of $75 or more! This includes international shipping as well! This is the perfect time to get a sweater or blanket quantity of yarn.


Or to purchase a few kits that you’ve been eyeing, such as Ivar cardi


High Peaks mittens and hat

high peaks confection

Pyro set


or Caravan Blanket.


Or choose your own sweater or blanket pattern, such as Henley with a Twist or Hourglass Throw



and pick your own fingering weight here and worsted weight here. Throw Anne’s Blocking DVD into your cart and she can guide you through the process to block like a professional!

The adventure is your’s! Start building your wish list now so you’re ready for December 1.

As an added bonus ALL previous KNITTING CLUB EBOOKS will be 50 % off Friday through Monday! NO coupon needed, they’ll be listed at a discounted price on our site and ravelry.


These make fantastic gifts as they include up to 17 knitting accessory patterns, have beautiful photography on yarn and the design process, plus bios about our unique collaborators.


The ebooks are great to have printed and bound as coffee table books, as they make a fantastic read on the history of the yarn and fibers.


They also make fantastic gifts for the knitters in your life. At half off, it could be the perfect gift for the friends in your knitting circle! View each one’s patterns on ravelry through these links: FIFC 2011, FIFC 2012, FIFC 2013, BNK 2012, BNK 2013.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the Countdown to Christmas KAL for ideas. Or, purchase the Snow Tire pattern for friends and relatives, even the non-knitters, letting them know a donation has been made towards a student’s college education. The KAL for this is one rockin’ thread! Check it out here.

more IS more

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i’m going to be kind of a noodge this month—but for a very good reason; we’ll just have to get used to it.

while i did get the minimum done to stay on schedule (not that i’m being rigid or anything), i didn’t get as far as i’d hoped yesterday. but i have  a long car ride coming up on tuesday so i’m confident i’ll catch up and even beat myself.

want to join me? (PUH-leeez???). click here to purchase this wonderfully reversible scarf pattern and cast on to knit along in december for our red scarf scholarship fundraiser.

ok, so you’re not up for knitting a whole scarf just now? afraid you’ll abandon afar the enthusiasm wanes? while doing my reps this morning, i got thinking about all the stocking stuffers you could make with versions of this pattern.

if you knit three or four repeats in hemp DK yarn form ecobutterfly and called it a day, it would be the most awesome bath or sink scrubby with that gnarly cable down the middle for leverage.

or knit twice that length, fold over and stitch up the sides for a mitt. you could also multiply the whole pattern several times over for the cutest baby or granny blankie ever.

don’t even get me started on what you could do with a garter hem and buttons—i need to get out for a run before it gets dark so i’ll ruminate on those possibilities next time

and thank you all so very much for putting up with me; i’ll be back tomorrow with another update and hopefully, our first tally of scholarship dollars.