let it grow

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this holiday weekend is all about growing, haha. the weather was so changeable the day before we left home that i was a little concerned we’d run into problems, but apparently all the snow fell the week before in the areas we were traveling through on tuesday. but we ended having a glorious day for […]


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some things just take time; my bocce cap being a good example example. the design is based on the baci scarf/cowl , which was last year’s red scarf fundraiser pattern. i knit several of these hats at that time, eager to make a set and enthused about the way this piece reflects the patterns seen on bocce balls. […]

Deals, Deals, Deals!

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Are you ready for some BIG deals to get your knitting fingers motivated? Were you just wondering what you could tell family members you desired this holiday season? Hold onto your hats. Inspiration is ahead… Black Friday is THIS Friday and Blanket Statement signups open to the public! This club  was very motivated by Knitspot customers dying […]

more IS more

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i’m going to be kind of a noodge this month—but for a very good reason; we’ll just have to get used to it. while i did get the minimum done to stay on schedule (not that i’m being rigid or anything), i didn’t get as far as i’d hoped yesterday. but i have  a long car […]