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i’m going to be kind of a noodge this month—but for a very good reason; we’ll just have to get used to it.

while i did get the minimum done to stay on schedule (not that i’m being rigid or anything), i didn’t get as far as i’d hoped yesterday. but i have  a long car ride coming up on tuesday so i’m confident i’ll catch up and even beat myself.

want to join me? (PUH-leeez???). click here to purchase this wonderfully reversible scarf pattern and cast on to knit along in december for our red scarf scholarship fundraiser.

ok, so you’re not up for knitting a whole scarf just now? afraid you’ll abandon afar the enthusiasm wanes? while doing my reps this morning, i got thinking about all the stocking stuffers you could make with versions of this pattern.

if you knit three or four repeats in hemp DK yarn form ecobutterfly and called it a day, it would be the most awesome bath or sink scrubby with that gnarly cable down the middle for leverage.

or knit twice that length, fold over and stitch up the sides for a mitt. you could also multiply the whole pattern several times over for the cutest baby or granny blankie ever.

don’t even get me started on what you could do with a garter hem and buttons—i need to get out for a run before it gets dark so i’ll ruminate on those possibilities next time

and thank you all so very much for putting up with me; i’ll be back tomorrow with another update and hopefully, our first tally of scholarship dollars.

5 thoughts on “more IS more

  1. beautiful scarf! got the pattern; yarn sold like hot cakes! awesome idea with the hemp yarn – i have some and i have washcloths on the list 🙂

  2. I was thinking of adding pockets to the long scarf but folding the ends back or stitching up the sides. Or you could add a scret pocket on the cowl with a zipper. I am a fan of secret poacets for you debit card or a pair of head phones.

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