saturday: a few reps with morning coffee

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my red scarf progress so far . . . more expected later tonight. two repeats take me no more than a half hour or so; i figure if i can spend at least that much time on it each day, it will be done in two weeks or less. there’ll be time to knit a second […]

you got it—red scarf 2014

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well, the vote was unanimous—none of us want to wait. YAY!!! so here it is, the red scarf fundraiser design for 2014 along with some shamelessly blatant promotion (which you can expect more of as the month goes on, but i promise it’s for a great cause!) i’m calling it snow tire scarf and you can […]

gray + red

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when i tell friends that is is very gray in our neck of the woods (NE ohio), i am often treated to stories about the grayness in places where THEY’ve lived. then they come here in november or december and suddenly, they get it—they know gray in a whole new way. above is a photo taken from my […]

just barely monday

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thank you so much for all of your nice comments about the kingston cowl. i am finding my forays in color work very satisfying, so i’m really glad that you are supportive. because so many of you asked about the other knit pieces sheyanne styled the cowl with, i’ll fill you in on the details of […]