we have raffled

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wow, what a drive to the finish. you guys awe me.
it’s not just the money . . . it’s the speed and the humor with which it is delivered.
claudia wants a few MORE bucks?? you respond with a few THOUSAND more.
it’s just. so. great.

thank you.

as a special treat for today, i told the just-off-the-needles-for-this-event tree scums they could MC the announcement of the raffle winners.

he-he. . . . you didn’t think i would ever really finish, did you?

one quick announcement though (sorry!)—i had a weird poltergeist in my email this weekend that i wasn’t aware of, and my junk mail filter somehow reset itself and starting marking everything as junk. i think i sorted it all out, but if you sent a pattern order yesterday or friday, or if you donated a prize but do not get an email saying who won it—please let me know.

if you think, from the list below, that you are a prize winner but did not get an email, check your junk mail folder first, and then email me to confirm.
(is it actually a law that these things have to go wrong just when i’m emailing all sorts of strangers??)

ok, ok, i got a tree scum is nudging me in the ribs here (but i can’t tell them apart, darn it); time for me to step away from the soapbox.

the 2 skeins of fearless fibers merino laceweight in colorway miracle AND a pattern for the just-released orchid lace scarf go to manise h. (blogless?).

a sock kit with 2 balls of panda cotton, needles, and some panda heel reinforcing yarn goes to
debbie s. (blogless, but in one of my classes).

a collection of 24 rebecca pattern booklets goes to gali b (blogless)

a beautiful skein of orangey-pink mosaic DK yarn—enough for mitts or a hat goes to dawn mcn.

four skeins of luscious lion and lamb yarn by lorna’s laces goes to rosanna y

four skeins of fingerlakes 2-ply wool in a wonderful denim-heather color—enough for a vest goes to sarah k

5 balls of rowan cashsoft, in a beautiful moth gray—is flying out to lynne e.

from kim at the woolen rabbit, a gorgeous skein of her hand-dyed merino sock yarn, which i have been know to rave about . . . and, since that color fairly screams corn!, we will add a teosinte pattern to this prize.
this wonderful package is going to gotham muse.

kristen has two sets of very pretty stitch markers from her etsy shop to go with all this yarn! and they will go out to
ann-marie m and rachel b

my friend lisa (of the blocking wires—thank you lisa!) has another sock package, including vesper, cherry tree hill, and all things heather yarns and it is going to theo!

meghann of radiant twist offers a good-enough-to-eat skein of her obsession sock yarn—mmmm-mmm—and lorajean will be partaking of it.

rosemary of designs by romi, has a shawl pin to send to mali j

natalie, of the yarn yard sends a one-of-a-kind skein of her lovely sock yarn in budgie colorway to lisa r in toronto.

our friend, karen has a beautiful skein of schaefer anne to send to flannery c.

and lilith has a super-special skein of her lovely handspun—little fish—it’s a 70% bluefaced leicester/30% silk blend, fine DK weight, 100 grams & 220 yards in a one-off dye lot. it’s going out to céline in france.

kyrie has 2 50g skeins of Filatura Multicolor to offer. this is a beautiful mohair blend yarn with about 200 yds per ball—enough for a scarf, and suzanne will now own it.

my buddy chris, at briar rose has three to-dye-for prizes she’s throwing into the ring, dyed by Herself:

a 2500-yard hank (you read that right!) of angel face laceweight alpaca—enough for a HUGE square heirloom lace shawl goes to kathryn b.

a 1200-yard hank of grandma’s blessing superwash—enough for a shawl! we will pair a knitspot shawl pattern of choice with this prize, which goes to kathleen r.

two hanks of wistful alpaca/merino/silk—enough for a morning glory wrap in everyone’s favorite colorway—and i will add a pattern! this prize goes to madeline k.

susan from ohio has two incredible gift boxes with some smashing sock yarn in them:
th first has Gypsy Knits BFL Superwash Fingering, Zen String Serendipity Sport in Blueberry Pie, 2 skeins of Artyarns Ultramerino4 color 143, and Posh Yarn’s Emily in Genteel. this box goes to danielle h.

and the second one has 2 skeins C*EYE*BER Fiber sock in Winter Tundra, Blue Moon Silkie in Tide Pool, and Handmaiden lace silk in Woodland. this one goes out to tamara g..

my dear friend anne, from wooly wonka fibers.com is offering a $25-dollar gift certificate to her online store for any item the winner, kathryn a-o desires.

the lovely erica (you MUST go to her site and peek at her kids—that baby cracks me up every time) has created a nice gift box of sock goodies, including Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in the Tahoe colorway, Regia Multi Effect color, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the African Grey colorway, and an electronic 3 row-at-a-time counter plus (i have to admit i have no idea what this gadget does, but it looks snazzy!). this box goes out to alotta knittin

gail has two skeins of medium-weight STR to offer—ONE for each of two lucky winners! isn’t she a peach? the rooster rock colorway goes to anne b (left), and the sherbet goes to jen h.

maura, sadly blogless, is an old friend i “bumped” into recently through another blogging buddy. maura has five sets of beautiful stitch markers made from beads she’s collected in her travels. these are the five winners, and maura will choose who gets what!
theresa in italy, heather, susan c, debbie g, and laurie w.

judy will be sending a gift certificate for a skein of her luscious sock yarn (click to see all the options) to katinka.

debbie has 3 beautiful skeins that she would love to send out one prize. they include a skein of manos del uruguay, a skein of soft bartlett’s wool, along with a skein of tocahy’s farm handspun in the coral seas colorway. these will all go to risa p.

two skeins of sock hop yarn in colorway i got you babe fresh from crown mountain farms—enough for a generous pair of socks. these will go to beth d.

one skein of suri alpaca laceweight yarn in this soft colorway goes to kim p

two balls (plus part of another) of emu autumn leaves wool blend yarn in a rose tweed that knits up like handspun, and a pattern for the stocking cap for all sizes, goes out to crystal.

a hardcover copy of couture knits by jean moss is now gina’s

a copy of fitted knits by stefanie japel will now be owned by amanda

a lil granny felted bag, knit (by me) from my pattern was won by janny s..

a bigger jimi bagette, also knit from my pattern will find a hme with nancy i.

a retro chain bag will belong now to stephanie m.

and a lantern bag goes to helen, who is very excited about it.

30 thoughts on “we have raffled

  1. WOW! What an incredibly LONG list of beautiful prizes!! You are so generous, Anne! And your blog readers too!! Impressive!!

    PS-Tree scum socks look so comfy!! Nice!!

  2. Oooyyyyssshhhh,,, and I wanted those 2500 yards so much,,,,, oh well:) next year. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Such a handsome handsome sock, please ask him (sorry but he looks like a male sock to me and in my Hebrew, things are he and she too) if he received my answer email, I am worried it got lost in your email mess and he will think I am ignoring him,,,

  3. Nice work! We had a GREAT ride this weekend, and I’ll be firing up another raffle tomorrow. Number One is looking pretty good for next year!

  4. I’m REALLY happy for tree scum that you finished it/him ! 🙂 Congratulations to all the winners AND to you for raising so much money !

  5. and I personally think your blog is prize enough. Thank you for all you do and the joy you bring!! (okay, okay, and it is really,really cool that I won a prize!!) C:

  6. Damn! I so wanted to win something (thought it might bring good luck to my exam), oh well *sigh* must instead congratulate all you lucky winners! And at least we all get to congratulate ourselves on being totally awsome 😉

  7. I won! I won! (I’m doing my yarn dance). I never win anything – thank you for the Suri : )

    Most importantly, way to go team! What a great rally to support Claudia.

  8. Beautiful sock yarn and beautiful prizes!! So nice to see the power of bloggers when it comes to donations!

  9. Yay! I won! I never win and am pleased as punch with my prize. Kudos to you and of course Claudia!

  10. Squee!!! I’m another of those perpetually unlucky folks, so I’m *thrilled* to have won some pretty yarn. I would have been happy to donate anyway, but this makes it especially memorable. Many thanks to you and Judy!!!

  11. Hi – not sure if I’m the Gina from this:

    a hardcover copy of couture knits by jean moss is now gina’s

    Is it possible for you to check? There’s lots of Gina’s…..but just in case

  12. Thanks for coordinating all this, Anne! And BTW, not that it’s important, but I’m from Indiana, not Ohio.


  13. Hooray for Tree Scum! You *must* put those on Ravelry so I can “favorite” them. 🙂

    I love the little touch of teal/turquoise (?) on the toe. 🙂

  14. Hiya – I placed an order on Friday I think and have not received a link to download the Wing of the Moth pattern! I paypaled from my work account – but email me here and I can give you the details: saraterry at Gmail dotcom

  15. You’re so great to your reader’s Anne!! We are all lucky to have your blog around for inspiration, patterns, and just plain fun. I love how the tree scum socks turned out, David’s feet look compfy sporting them too!

  16. The socks are lovely; great texture! And a big “wow!” again for what you’ve done and for inspiring others to do that much as well…

  17. Dear Tree Scum:

    I have to finish a pair that I think will be named Pond Scum in honor of the algae-colored yarn.

    You did a wonderful job as emcee. Congratulations to everyone !!


  18. Dear Tree Scum:

    I have to finish a pair that I think will be named Pond Scum in honor of the algae-colored yarn.

    You did a wonderful job as emcee. Congratulations to everyone !!


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