How do you feel about color? Or rather, how does color make you feel? It can create a mood, or change one, impart a sense of comfort and familiarity, or generate electric excitement. Color is a visual expression of emotion and knitting with a color we love can motivate and excite us through to the end of the project.

For this Knitspot Color Club, we’ve partnered with three talented painters of yarn: Zen Yarn Garden, Asylum Fibers, and Hedgehog Fibres have all created two colorways for each shipment -- which will you choose?


The Mood colorways could be brooding and deep or an enchanting selection of neutrals meant to calm and create a sense of place. Choose Mood to take you on a journey through dark woods and quiet places, to the heart of the storm and the breathtaking calm of a winter morning. Mood colors entice us to pause and ponder.


The Lifter colorways shine, exuberant and unapologetic in their embrace of saturated, bright tones. Choose Lifter if you’re the type to rocket towards the next best thing, fueled by energy and aglow with excitement.

Of course, there are those who may see balance as the key to happiness, and we have something for you, too. Double Dose add-ons give you the option to add either more of the same, or a skein of the opposite. Double down on Mood for more stormy shades, or Lifter for an extra jolt. Whatever you choose, rest assured that each shipment will be dyed on only the most exceptional of yarns (as you’ve come to expect from Knitspot clubs!)

Did we mention that it’s not all about the color? Each shipment also includes specially selected goodies designed to enhance your experience. These may be useful notions or knitting accessories, and perhaps the occasional just for fun item! Not to mention that club shipments are also paired with a digital chapter written by Anne Hanson and loaded with inspiration, new techniques, and a pattern (or two.) We also have an active and inviting Ravelry community for you to explore, whether you’re a veteran clubbie or a first-timer.

Knitspot clubs are unlike any other because our members are unlike any other knitters. If you’re ready to learn new techniques, stretch your limits, and explore the wide world in brilliant technicolor, sign up for this exciting new club.

Signups for club veterans begin May 24th, 2017. Signups for new members start June 4!


The Mood Swings Knitspot yarn club will begin shipping in mid-September 2017, one shipment every two months through January, 2018—a total of three (3) yarn and knitting patterns (via pdf) shipments. As with the current yarn club, we will aim for shipments to arrive mid-month. Yarn shipments will be posted on the 5th (international) and the 12th (USA) unless those days fall on a weekend or holiday. Patterns will be made available as pdf downloads on the 17th of every shipment month.

All yarn club packages will be shipped USPS first class mail; international shipped in a VAT-friendly manner. Extra yarn will be shipped in a separate package when necessary.



Please see the signup page for pricing. Gift memberships may be purchased directly via signup page; simply check gift membership box, enter email address of person to be gifted, etc.


A pre-order signup period for all current BNK 2017 club members will open on May 24th; all current members will be notified by email that day. From May 24th through June 3rd only, current members will receive a discount on any level of Mood Swing club membership. Signups for Mood Swing club will open to the general public on Sunday, June 4th and will close when all spots are filled.


Yarn club memberships must be prepaid in full by credit card or Paypal. At this time we are unable to accept checks for club memberships nor can we offer an installment plan. However, you may be eligible to use the Paypal “bill me later” program to spread out your payments (requires a credit application submission). Have more questions or need more information?

Please email David; he is happy to be of help.

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Members are responsible for updating their profiles, a change in billing or shipping address, or correction to existing address information in our files. Please provide Ravelry name to access eBook thru Ravelry.

Lost package
If your package does not arrive within 21 days of the ship date, we will investigate, help locate it, and/or resend if necessary.

Refund policy
Knitspot will issue a full refund up to September 1st, providing the spot can be filled from the waitlist. All refunds/exchanges will be subject to a processing fee of $50. Refunds will not be issued after the club shipments begin on September 5, 2017.

Thanks so much and happy clubbing! Make sure to join Ravelry Clubhouse.

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