BNK 2013 Black Friday

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Hope everyone has indulged fully this Thanksgiving. Anne and I, spent Thanksgiving with a good friend and her family (et al extended), we are so grateful to be able to spend the holiday with Debby’s family. Some amazing food, particularly Simon’s grilled vegetables and an outrageously delicious trillium cake baked by Debby (apparently even better the next day).

Managed a bit knitting, Anne started me on this impromptu knitting project, a simple dish cloth. If you have not used one of these hand knitted dish clothes you are truly missing out, an indispensable cleaning implement. Speaking of impromptu, there was some very special entertainment by the younger persons (children) of this gathering. Music, singing, joke telling and dancing, a slightly raucous, but in a good innocent way as young boys tend to this such predilection. Very impressed by these kids, the ability to perform without any prompting from their parents or any other adults. A huge thank you to Debby and Robin for a great Thanksgiving.


Bare Naked Knitspot Yarn Club


Bare Naked Knitspot knitting club’s first Black Friday, we are really pleased to be able extend this modest discount of $10 off any membership with yarn and $2 off for a pattern only (eBook) membership, one day only, signup here. BNK is really a rather unique in it’s offerings, there is particular expressed beauty of natural wool and when paired with a pattern designed specifically for that yarn, the result is something truly extraordinary (click here for more information ). In this knitting club, we celebrate yarn, design, art and the members (Ravelry clubhouse). Allow me to share once more an excerpt from a chapter of previous BNK knitting club:

my initial vision for the final month was a large scarf or stole project in a floaty, sheer silk yarn, but i wasn’t sure about sending out a super-fine silk yarn. 

i began to suspect that compromises were in my near future, heh. i was determined to exhaust my options however, so along with beckie, set to work tracking down possible sources. when we received sample cards from treenway silks, i felt like we’d hit the silk motherlode—the array of wild silks in all colors was just what i was looking for; they monopolized my attention and imagination.

i immediately seized on the wild muga as my favorite—the dark, golden tan color was exactly what i wanted for our club. the yarn was very fine, however and i was pretty sure our membership would be happier with something heavier. so we began talking about a custom spinning order.

with the knot in my stomach growing ever tighter, i reported in to susan who was anxiously awaiting my feedback. i poured my doubts out to her like a barfly weeping into my beer and she wrote back with a few gentle suggestions and more helpful information about handling silk. by this time, i needed a break so i put my first swatches aside to think about things for a few days.

i couldn’t be more happy with the results—they feel especially sweet in the face of all the unknown factors leading up to the finished design. but in the end this is just the reason i wanted to do this club—to explore the beauty of unusual fibers, to experience true adventure, and to celebrate the results, no matter where our travels landed us.  —- anne hanson

Below, Photos of BNK 2012 Club Yarn and Project:

We offer to share this knitting club with you, the eBook itself is worthy of a proper bound book. The amount of research yielded, collaborating artist, brilliant pattern design are all differentiators and make Bare Naked Knitspot a most unique and desirable knitting club.

Hope you will join us and thank you.

I love your comments, especially welcome those of you that have experienced the first BNK knitting club and if you just want to say hey.

Mister Knitspot.



12 thoughts on “BNK 2013 Black Friday

  1. Mister Knitspot as soon as I see the capitals I know it’s you! Last time BNK I was pattern only but ended up buying or trading yarn so this time I am both and so much looking forward to it. Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving. Our holiday season is yet to start!

  2. Thank you David for all you do behind the scenes to make the Clubs such a great experience for us knitters. Thank you Anne for your incredible, beautiful designs and for all your enabling!!

  3. Hooray I have been waiting all week for today so that I could sign up! Thank you for the discount 🙂 and for the lovely yarn club.

  4. I did it! I joined the book version for 2013 and I’m looking forward to it! I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I shall have to look up Trillium cake…I’m not familiar with that. I made apple, pecan and pumpkin pies a cranberry upside down cake, and some roasted brussels sprouts to take to our family gathering. Hmm…I think there is pie left. Yum. 🙂

  5. What??? Nobody just commented, “hey?” We must be slacking…..

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Knitspot team; I am thankful that you guys work so hard to provide the clubbies such enjoyment!

  6. I’m so excited about BNK 2013! My knitting knowledge – and enjoyment – have expanded so much thanks to you and Anne.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds marvelous. I had to google trillium cake, and learned it was created by the same Louisville caterer who invented Benedictine (the cream cheese-cucumber spread, not the liqueur). I’ll have to ask my Kentucky family about the cake!

    I hope you and Anne are having a lovely, relaxing weekend.

  7. Perfect time to say a most heartfelt “thank you!” to you and Anne for the great experience that is Knitspot. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  8. Oh David, I just love you to pieces. I am going to have to make some indispensable cleaning implements myself! Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend! Can’t wait to see what Anne cooks up for the BNK 2013!

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