pod people

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pod casting is exploding into the knit-o-sphere; suddenly knitting podcasts are multiplying like stash and spreading out with the similar growth habit. i would not even be aware of knitting podcasts if not for my (non-knitting) love. he’s such a technophile. see? it’s all about brushed metal and clean lines. and i am SO not! […]

projecting: it’s my system and i’m sticking with it

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christine (Pointy Sticks), seems worried about the idea of having multiple projects. oh christine, if you only knew . . . personally, i live for multiple projects. i got over my fear of Not Finishing a long time ago and have been much the happier for it. i have not had much time for Serious […]

late-breaking news: beth takes gold

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another LACEPACER takes gold saturday evening in her race to olympic glory. after a day of running around to yarn shops outside her territory, beth p was not quite sure she felt like knitting her olympic project to completion that night. she had several new yarn and fiber choices burning a hole in her knitting […]

don’t laugh . . .

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it started out as an innocent little trip to a couple of yarn stores (ok, don’t choke on your drink; i KNOW that innocent and yarn store probably DON’T belong in the same sentence). the first thing that happened, was that debbie couldn’t go. debbie, we will definitely catch up and get you out next […]