late-breaking news: beth takes gold

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another LACEPACER takes gold saturday evening in her race to olympic glory. after a day of running around to yarn shops outside her territory, beth p was not quite sure she felt like knitting her olympic project to completion that night. she had several new yarn and fiber choices burning a hole in her knitting bag. but she persevered and ran away with gold.

we tried to reach beth for comments, but could not get through. we were wondering just how heavy a gold medal is . . .

in other olympic news, debbie j has not surfaced yet, so we do not know the story with her run for gold. however, she did email pictures of her stash. i think she is throwing down the gauntlet here; she is daring me to bare all and show the world my stash. i haven’t decided about that yet; all i know is, i am ready to talk about how many projects i have on the needles right now. see tomorrow’s post for more. later in the week we’ll talk about stash and podcasts.

asamandra (Asamandras Blog-Tagebuch – aktuelle Eintr├Ąge) has finished her 10-pattern shawl and now i want to make it.

aven (Is it a sweater yet?) may not finish, but her project is so cool you have to go read about it. be sure to read down through the pre-olympic development phase!

b (I’ve got platinum vision, and a Tinfoil Touch….) made those socks from anna karenina (i should do that, too; i always thought that was really cool!).

christine (Big Pink Cookie) did not finish, but put out a new podcast, so she gets gold for that!

eunny (See Eunny Knit!) might finish; did not see pictures, but the progress pix look good.

got to stephanie’s page (Yarn Harlot: The 2006 Knitting Olympics) and check out more olympian finishes!

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  1. *falling to the ground in utter defeat* ugh, I tried and tried to finish but couldn’t reach the finish line….does it count that I am still eye defunked?

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