cable redux

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i ripped the cable back and am reworking the part i did wrong. i didn’t have to pull the whole thing out, thank heavens. i think that really truly i am on my way with it now. and yes, debbie, for the time being, i have re-dedicated myself to reading this, and all patterns, more […]

this post has no direction . . .

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the cable sweater needs to sit in the time-out chair today. no new pictures of the cable. i still need to rip it back and re-do; i still can’t believe i did it wrong again . . . that’s what i get for knitting in front of the computer. well, i just couldn’t keep my […]

what’s behind door #3?

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let me start by saying that my husband understands me. no, i mean, he really gets me; he loves that i love what i love. in our new york city apartment, my stash was was actually stashes, and they lived all over the place. some were packed in boxes in a closet while others were […]

newest pod people

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WOW! knitting podcasts are multiplying like . . . well, like stash! a number new podcasts hit the internet this last week or two and all are in iTunes: Irie Knits It’s a Purl, Man Stitch-Cast KnitterGail Knitting Psychos Pixie Purls Podcast these are all so new that they have only one or two […]