don’t put your hands in the dye

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see my nasty purple hands? that’s because i don’t follow my own advice. i always mean to put on gloves when i dye, but then the colors start to dissolve, and the yarn goes in, and before i know it, i am shoving my hands right into the dye bath. yup, and boiling liquid does […]


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all kinds of questions about schaeffer anne; i love it! Anne C. Says Hey, my name is Anne, too (All Annes should get a couple of hanks)! Where is Little Knits? That yarn is sooo lovely. ps Completed my first-ever sock. Second is getting close to the toe! Can’t wait, it fits like a glove….. […]


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it feels like years since i thought or talked about knitting or anything fiber-related—i have had my nose stuck to the computer screen all day trying to get this project out for work, and guess what? there’s still a LOT more to do!! crikey . . . so again (and i apologize profusely), this is […]

a short list

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a real quickie update this morning on the bad yarn campaign! i got online and am collating a list of yarn companies. please, please, email any and all suggestions for companies that need to be on the list. the N company is first in line, so don’t send that one! think of ones that are […]