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a real quickie update this morning on the bad yarn campaign! i got online and am collating a list of yarn companies. please, please, email any and all suggestions for companies that need to be on the list. the N company is first in line, so don’t send that one!

think of ones that are not too mainstream; those are the hardest for me to track down. and if you would be so kind as to look up the phone and email info, i will think of a really fun way to spotlight all helpers on the blog!

now, here is my small list of names for the crusade; you can add to it, or just let me know which one you like best

Knot Knitting This!
Knot Buying Any More
Bad Yarn is KNOT Cool!

the main work of it is getting the word out and building the whole thing up over the next month. the power of this campaign lies in the volume of knitters emailing on the same day.

my plan is, over the next few days, to make some flyers and information sheets available in PDF form, that each person can bring to their local yarn stores and knitting groups. these will explain how to participate, and contain suggestions for spreading the word. anyone who wants to send me a flyer they think will work, feel free to put it in Word, indesign, photoshop or quark and email to me.

once those are available, i will ask the podcasters and bloggers to send their audiences this way to pick up the buildup information, and for them to mention the campaign for the next few weeks.

the mailing list will be released 3 days before may 29th, the official day of the campaign; the email list will be released the night before may 29th.
we want the yarn manufacturers to receive a focused barrage of courteous, but assertive communication so that they get the point. the point being, of course, that our knitting dollars come with a demand for quality from now on.

ok, and because it’s a little harsh to just talk about crusading, here’s some knit porn

it’s almost done! and of course, i wish i had more yarn . . . it will be a wee bit skimpy, but enough for a shorter person, or to throw on while sitting at a desk. i love it! i’m ready to make another one!
but i think instead, i’ll make another feather stole for a store sample. and, i do have this new lace scarf i’m making . . . gotta get that pattern together too!

hopefully i will write a real post later tonite after classes—right now, i gotta get to work!

3 thoughts on “a short list

  1. I just left Brooklynne a comment too – you do know that May 29th is Memorial Day, right? So companies in the U.S. are likely to be closed? Maybe June 1 would be a better date? Probably easier for people to remember too – and it won’t ever fall on Memorial Day.

    If she puts together a promo, I’ll be happy to put it on Pointy Sticks. Either way, it is on my list of things to talk about when I record this weekend.

  2. Hmmm, I think Christine has a good point. June 1 may be a better choice. Lots of people (like me) may not be home over the long weekend so it would be hard to send emails.

    About the name — I think I like “We’re Knot Taking it Anymore” too. I will try to think about this some more though…

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