i’ve got something on my mind

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i don’t have pictures today—i was too busy with work and classes to take any. and i dunno if i am going to write about knitting at all today because i have something on my mind. david’s dad, Big Dave (he is SO not big—he’s a rail!), has been ill for several months. he is […]

moth, mitts, and tangled ropes

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i hardly know where to start. at the beginning of today i didn’t think i had much to talk about, but then as the day wore on and i thought as i worked, a lot of blog fodder came together for me. i even have pictures to show for it. the first thing i have […]

trying to reach Ann MacIlravie

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i received a payment for a pattern from ann macIlravie, but all my emails to her are bouncing back. ann, please send an alternate email address at which i can reach you, or turn off your SPAM filter so my email can get through!

6 years, and just a foot in the door

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today is our wedding anniversary! six years have gone by faster than is possible. each year, david gets a new set of socks for winter. it started with me making several poair for the first anniversary, and i just continued it each year, as it makes so much sense—the real cold is about to descend […]