coming clean

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i am lucky enough to have a wonderful workroom in my house, equipped for all my fiber activities. which i haven’t used much for the last couple of months. why?? because it has looked like this, pretty much since i got back from rhinebeck. so messy, i could hardly stand to walk in there without […]

about that desk

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yes, it’s really wonderful! it sat in my parents attic all my life, sort of igored and abused. after my father died, and my mom was moving, she asked me if i wanted it. then she told me my great (or great-great) uncle had made it by hand and willed it to MY dad when […]

i lolled

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oh, it was a nice holiday around here. i was so relaxed i forgot myself, and didn’t blog, and didn’t cook—we decided that a soup meal would be a great follow-up to the feasting of sunday night, even though we had planned for baked ziti. keeping it spare seemed to do the christmas eve feast […]

feast of fishes

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well, finally, it’s christmas eve—my favorite day of the year, in terms of food. i love thanksgiving, but not for the food. for me, this is the best food holiday. all that knitting i’ve been doing? just something to do while i wait for this night to arrive. i used the time well, thinking about […]