Pavé sock and Dolomite sock

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two new socks to wake up your winter knitting with textures that have a warm, cozy feel and make for fun, fast knitting. both shown here in click here to visit the Dolomite sock product pages in the knitspot pattern shop

knit radio

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yup, it’s snowing. pretty heavily, too. i am so glad i don’t have to go out to work today or anything. once i got the car cleaned off and moved out of the way of the snow plows, i got to come back inside and settle in with the early morning email and work. hehe. […]

tender roots and a blizzard

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(lace is everywhere, third in series) these are my mom’s plant cuttings. each year tesserae, a nice conservative dress sock, but not SO conservative that we can call it plain, or boring to knit. i also started sock #2 of the violets rising pair, but there’s not enough happening yet to take photos. ok, i […]

i’ve landed

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whoa. i’ve been a whirling dervish the last few days, which is why i’ve been AWOL (sorry!). thursday, friday, and saturday i just put my head down and worked like dog from dawn to late night. not much knitting to show for it, but i got tons of computer work done; everything i wanted to […]