swatch out—scarves coming through

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i know you all love swatching. c’mon, admit it—it’s fun right? no??? hmm, you seem to love it plenty when i do it, and you can just watch—swatching as a spectator sport then, ok. once the snow shawl square was off the needles, i found myself in a weird state of mind and needing something […]

violets rising

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a sock to walk us into april, wound round with organic patterns of new vine shoots and tiny violets. shown here in click here to be taken to the product page in the knitspot pattern shop. as is often the case, i had much help getting this pattern into publication. our great friend rachel pitched […]

fish in a dish

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mmm, this is what we had for dinner on easter sunday. roasted vegetable and fish chowder. i sorta made it up as i went along, but it turned out great and we enjoyed it. plus there are plenty of leftovers to have during the week, yay. instead of sautéing all the soup veggies one by […]

lust and local color

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the day before easter came as a bit of a surprise; i wasn’t conscious that the holiday was coming until friday evening, and i hadn’t really geared up for anything special. so, where normally the day before a holiday is sort of filled with anticipation (even holidays we don’t celebrate are festive for me in […]