i swear, ociffer, it’s not a garden blog

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growing by the hour . . . . i know. it’s just been a torrent of garden pictures this week and last. i can’t help it—so much is happening out there. and it’s so inspiring. for those of you who stop by just for the knitting, i’m sorry; truly, there is no plan to turn […]

sock de la mer

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a sock that seems to have risen from the waters of the mediterranean. complete with seaweed-y motifs and a bubbling top cuff, in yarn that fairly glows with sea lights. shown here in mediterranean to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click knitspot pattern shop many thanks to helen who test knit with […]

bouncing all over the place

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in the “not mine, but i wish it was” category . . a grand specimen of a cherry tree on my street. every single year it is at its absolute peak bloom on earth day. like it knows. i snapped that photo yesterday on my way to the yarn shop for classes, because on the […]

lots and lots of everything

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caught on hosta cam. i’m telling you—they grow by the hour. kinda like a great piece of knitting. i spent a good deal of time outside yesterday, riding around town, being an earth day tourist (the trees are in full bloom this week), doing errands, grabbing lunch with my buddy karen (that was so fun […]