i swear, ociffer, it’s not a garden blog

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growing by the hour . . . .
i know. it’s just been a torrent of garden pictures this week and last. i can’t help it—so much is happening out there. and it’s so inspiring.
for those of you who stop by just for the knitting, i’m sorry; truly, there is no plan to turn this into a garden blog. i really do make an effort to keep it related, however loosely.

for instance, today. i’m so excited—there is startitis in so many places. all sorts of little unfoldings are going on here.

the fritillaria have finally come out. and my beloved may apple (just since yesterday morning—i checked). look, the one on the right even has the start of the apple (they don’t all end up with apples—only some).

we are very lucky to have this plant grow happily in our back garden. and there are these . . . surprisingly, a little earlier than last year’s fiddleheads.

i hope i’m still here when they unfold a little more; i want to photograph them again (i got some great shots last year).

and how this relates to what i’m knitting, or thinking about knitting is

i see the same unfurling shapes in this lace, and i’m going to knit the next little nothing in it.
with kim’s whisper merino lace yarn. i love this sweet pea colorway . . . i’ve been dying to put this stitch with this yarn for a while, and finally it’s time.

this is an easy pattern—no lace knitting on the wrong side, nothing tricky—a sweet little motif.

(our pear tree bloomed today; the scent is out of this world, which makes for better knitting)

i switched the new shawl (did i tell you the name is star of evening?) to the longer needle so i could use my shorter needle for the new scarf, and because it’s time . . . it’s getting bigger. but while it is still able to be spread out a bit, i had david snap a photo of it on my shoulders

it’s more than half as long as it will be eventually; i think i have 6 out of 10 total repeats done.

and i am barreling along on my new sock too. i’m making the cuff a tad shorter than i normally would (about half an inch) because i know the yardage on the STR skeins often comes up short, and i have only one.

that said, i think knitting on 64 sts in medium weight makes a good size for david, and, not having long legs he doesn’t need the extra length in his cuff. he will like the thicker fabric of these (if he were really an accountant, and had to wear dress shoes, he might not, but that’s what the 72- and 80-stitch sizes are for—smoother, thinner yarns).

this photo is nice because it shows the true colorway, which is the deepest blue-black sprinkled with a few dashes of a gray-blue and a good dose also of deep ultramarine blue. love.

(ok, that photo was sneaky . . it doesn’t have anything at all to do with the knitting, i just like it)

i think that’s all i have for today, actually. i have to go out and shop for a swimsuit tonight to take on my trip. arrrrgghh. why can’t stuff like that just appear in my drawer without any participation from me?
i’m having trouble finding little lightweight summer sweaters—not handknit ones, but those very thin ones; the kind we definitely do NOT want to knit. i did find pants though, lucky me.

ok, bye for now.

make of this one whatever you will.

sock de la mer

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a sock that seems to have risen from the waters of the mediterranean. complete with seaweed-y motifs and a bubbling top cuff, in yarn that fairly glows with sea lights.

shown here in knitting notions classic merino supersock yarn, colorway mediterranean

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to view the product page in the knitspot pattern shop

many thanks to catherine, who generously supplied the beautiful hand-dyed yarn for this project.
and to helen who test knit with helpful input.
and to rachel, who faithfully proofread the pattern.
thank you all so much!

bouncing all over the place

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in the “not mine, but i wish it was” category . . a grand specimen of a cherry tree on my street. every single year it is at its absolute peak bloom on earth day. like it knows.

i snapped that photo yesterday on my way to the yarn shop for classes, because on the actual earth day, i didn’t have my camera as i rode by it.

since i took my camera with me to photograph the tree, and since we were finishing up a 6-week sweater class yesterday, i thought i’d grab some snaps of these first sweaters


pat is convinced this sweater is nothing special and doesn’t do anything for her.
maybe if YOU tell her the truth—that she’s more fabulous than cher— she’ll finally believe me.

and kris, well, kris is seemingly happy with her sweater. but she smiles like that all the time, so it’s really really hard to tell if she’s lying.

audrey knit this classic beauty and then started another one, this time a cardigan with some variegated yarn. i wanna knit sweaters as fast as audrey.

anne marie has knit a cardigan for herself, a baby sweater, and then started this red gansey for her younger son. obviously, she’s not in the beginning sweater class. she’s an awesome knitter who is going to learn to spin next month.

susan is knitting her first lace scarf (a version of twinings). she marches to a different drummer, what can i say?

i worked on my boing! scarf and then took it home to finish it up. and today

i soaked it and blocked it. it came out exactly the size i wanted; this time i trusted my swatches more and did not knit too many repeats.

we’re calling it boing!, because it’s springy and the colors make me think of that word.

(also of begonias.) tomorrow we’ll get some modeling shots and as soon as they are ready at one planet to list the kit, i’ll let you know.

i have more pictures of stuff but i think i’ll keep some for tomorrow. here’s a quick photo of my epimedium (bishop’s hat) which bloomed today. i love these tiny star-shaped flowers against the lime-and-red leaves of this one . . . so cheerful.

lots and lots of everything

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caught on hosta cam. i’m telling you—they grow by the hour.
kinda like a great piece of knitting.

i spent a good deal of time outside yesterday, riding around town, being an earth day tourist (the trees are in full bloom this week), doing errands, grabbing lunch with my buddy karen (that was so fun karen, and long overdue. haha, i made a library joke.). i might have gulped in too much pollen; my hayfever is raging and my voice is practically nonexistent (i don’t know how i’m going to get through classes tonight, but i will—does anyone know sign language for “what does your pattern say?”)

i’ve been using homeopathic remedies for my allergies for about a year now, instead of the clarit*n/all*gra/fl*nase combination i used to use, and that’s been going extremely well (i take them very consistently, which i think is the key). however, this week, when the trees have bloomed all at once, is bound to bring with it worse symptoms that no medication seems to help enough (which is what made me switch over; there are times when nothing is good enough, so why use chemicals?).

anyway, blah, blah , blah—you came here for knitting and knitting you shall have.

i’ve gotten tons of it done in the last few days actually . . . all good.
first up, i finished my socks de la mer

i really like them. i would keep them if they weren’t so perfect as a gift sock.
and the yarn? seriously, catherine completely outdid herself—the intense colors shift and combine endlessly in combinations that seem lit from within . . . just like the best spots in the mediterranean.
pattern will be available soon.

and wow—socks knit up really REALLY fast when i only have one or two pair on the needles (duh.).
i’m moving along very quickly on the bean counter socks too

see the pleats? and the almost-hidden pennants? (it’s my experience that accountants are very fond of spectator sports.) i’m waffling between calling the bean counters or spectators.

with the kind help of all you STR fans out there, i think i figured out which yarn i have here—it’s medium weight which is why it feels kinda thick. i’m compensating by knitting a size down and using 2.5 mm needles (US1.5).
i had to switch to my other favorite needles, the inox gray metal ones, for this project ( i think they are now sold under the name pym). my beloved harmony wood needles were too dark for this yarn, and i couldn’t see it well enough.

i’ve also gotten past the halfway point on boing! (cuz it’s springy)

one more good night’s work on this should finish it off; i can’t wait to see this one blocked out.
lis, over at one planet yarn and fiber will be offering kits for this and the new shawl; she will list those as soon as i have yardage counts.

and the shawl?? you betcha . . . it is coming along really well i think

at least, i’m happy with it. and—i mean it—the colorway bring tears to my eyes, it’s so pretty.
and jocelyn, who is test knitting, is simply beside herself, she’s having so much fun (don’t you just love her??). hers will be fern green, which i’m looking forward to seeing (hint, hint—post some photos jocelyn!)

there will be a scarf version as well as a petite and tall size shawl. it’s a really cool pattern because really, you could stop anytime, as long as you finish a complete chart/pattern repeat. you could make a li’l doll shawl, or a tent—your choice.

someone out there asked to see the stitch pattern close up

there it is.
ok, now, i think i’ll get back to my other work; here’s a little spot of cheer to close with