yes, it really is that wet

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i swear, every time i go outside to do something it the garden it starts to rain again. look at that poor yucca plant now . . the flower cups are so full of water that it can’t hold itself up any more. if you’ve been watchng the tour of pennsylvania at all, that is […]

food is good

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lace is everywhere . . . even in a cheese; i just love the subtle contrast of the cream and white in this piece, with that spidery band of deep, deep blue drifting between. it looks like a snowscape or even a foggy seascape. there might be a shawl in that . . . SO. […]

i can answer that

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late last night i received this comment from sunshine: I have started reading your blog and am wodering where I can see how much YOU matched for this amount that your readers are donating. In other words, I donate $5, you say that you match this correct? If this is the scenario, where can I […]

so glad it’s friday

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our yucca is in full bloom . . all at once it burst out with armfuls of flowers. (must be all this rain . . . ) those are for all of you . . . thank you SO much for your support of claudia’s Ride for MS this month. you deserve big bunches of […]