in the pink

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this is a new variety of tomato for us, earnie’s plump. really, doesn’t it look more like it should be named earnie’s gut?? i’ve been buried in blocking and paperwork the last couple of days (trying to get the two lacewing patterns completed for the test knitters; poor nan has yarn and no pattern yet, […]

disappearing days

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these are one of david’s favorite flowers; we have bunches of them. whoa. this week is already disappearing on me. i can’t believe two days have passed since i posted; it feels like hours. i’ve sorta got a million things happening at once: patterns finalizing, patterns in progress, a blocking queue (blocking queue?? yup; three […]

favorite rows

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last evening when i finally settled in to knit after a day of working outside and preparing food, i listened to the rain while getting into my knitting zone, and thought about favorite rows. it started because i was on one of my favorite rows of the flower and fern motif i’m knitting at the […]

knitting nature

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the other day in knitting class our friend anne C. told us about visiting an area garden that had hundreds of lilies and hostas, and that there was a whole section of scented hostas. none of us had heard of scented hostas but it made me curious, so while i was watering this morning i […]