off we go

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hardly any knitting yesterday—instead i bring you . . . cake. i spent the day scurrying around finishing up last minute details, packing patterns, and cooking a nice dinner for our west-coast visitor (which, let’s face it, was mostly an excuse to get to the cake). i picked kim up in the early evening and […]


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one of the tasks i wanted to accomplish over the last couple of days is to get several new small projects on the needles that would be good travelers to tote along on my two upcoming trips. i won’t be home to plan and start new items for almost two weeks, so i needed to […]

weekend ephemera

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i’m trying to get everything in order around here before i take off for my rhinebeck trip on thursday. actually, kim is coming in from san diego wednesday evening, so i really want to be all done before then. therefore my weekend has mostly amounted to a lot of this and that, without much theme […]

wow, is it friday already??

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i guess you could say that it’s good to have focus. it’s good to be monogamous to one project from beginning to completion. but boy, howdy—as much as i like the results, i am not used to it. being so buried in working on one thing makes me feel disoriented when i’m done. like i […]