off we go

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hardly any knitting yesterday—instead i bring you . . . cake.

i spent the day scurrying around finishing up last minute details, packing patterns, and cooking a nice dinner for our west-coast visitor (which, let’s face it, was mostly an excuse to get to the cake).

i picked kim up in the early evening

and started snapping pictures right away to add to my growing collection of kim-at-the-airport photos.

we went to baggage to claim her luggage and the silliness began. this woman can talk, let me tell you. and we have so much fun.

then we headed home to have a good supper and pack (man, will i ever learn to get that done ahead of time).
i showed kim all the shawls that i knit over the summer while i packed them up for the trunk show i’m bringing to new mexico next week—she hadn’t seen most of them in person, since it’s been a year since she last visited.

then we ate

i made pasta with fish and garden vegetables, and we had salad picked just hours before.
kim loved the salad and wasn’t at all distracted by the cake.

david of course was completely cool about it—

but we all know what he was really thinking about (kim brought him some goodies from see’s and some french truffles—does she know my husband or what?). in fact we were joking that we’d leave with all this nice food in the fridge, and when we come back it will all still be there but the chocolate will be completely gone.

i know . . . you came to see knitting and all i’m giving you is glam girls jet-setting off to sheep and wool shows. but there will be much to see, feel and share where we’re going and i’ll take lots of pictures.

i’m leaving my laptop home (executive decision; there won’t be internet access where we’re staying) but i’m taking my iPhone with me and hopefully i’ll be able to blog on it from public places around the catskills. if i can’t, i’ll catch up with you when i return.

have a great weekend!

31 thoughts on “off we go

  1. Chocolate, pasta..pottery?! 3 of my favorite things in one blog post. Now if you had pictures of lace I would have died of a pleasure overload. So, let’s say it’s a good thing. 😀

  2. Oooh that cake looks awesome! I can’t wait for Rhinebeck either, I’ve got my stole all blocked and ready to show off!

  3. Anne- Have a blast- everyone I know is going to be there- except me.

    …just an observation- is that BOTTLED salad dressing you put on your homegrown greens?

  4. How does Kim look so good after getting off such a long flight? I don’t look that good, like, ever! Have a fabulous time (and David, enjoy free reign over the chocolate — make the most of it, especially the See’s; may I recommend the caramels?)!! You guys are going to have a blast 🙂

  5. Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to take plenty of pics for us “stay-at-homes”!

  6. It must be great to have such a good friend like Kim. You both look so happy. And David is such a knock-out! I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival not too long ago – my virgin trip to a show like that. I admit my favorite place was the barn. It was so cool to listen to stories of dedicated farmers with their flocks of unique creatures; one told me she usually sells her fleeces before they are ever shorn! What an interesting community, this fiber bunch. Have a great time!

  7. Have a wonderful time !!
    And please do take lots of pictures so I can taste a bit of it too 🙂

  8. I wish I was there with you and Kim. Maybe next year. Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!!!
    That cake looks really good.

  9. Looking forward to your return….your blog is just not itself without you….Hope you had a wonderful time!!!

  10. glad to see you are taking a break from the blog, and all your work, and just enjoying the peeps.
    the lurking chocolate cake would be enough to distract anyone!
    have a fabulous rest of your week!!

  11. Oh boy, hope you are having a wonderful time….hope you know that you are very much missed (said sincerely and with only a desire to communicate that I always look forward to reading your blog…)

  12. Hi Anne,
    I thought, just ONE weekend and now I am missing you and your great projects….
    Does anybody know when you come back? Have a nice trip.

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