feet back on the ground

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with the hope of finally finishing the singles i’ve been spinning from this taboo), i was busy at the wheel by 9 am, a full hour before my class was due to arrive. i worked continuously for the next three hours, but alas, at the end there was a handful of the stuff still in […]

where do i start?

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wow, i knew i was minimalizing in blog posts this last week in order to fit in more urgent tasks, but i had no idea until i gathered today’s photos that such an overabundance of material has collected. between the food, the culmination of holiday knitting, and the to-be-continued yarn parade, i have way more […]

merry, merry!

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here’s a little stroll down candy cane lane to cheer your holiday—from our neighborhood to yours. this is the view from our front porch across the street to our neighbor bret’s house. bret always puts in a standout performance as “best decorator” on our block this year’s display is truly fairy-tale quality, from frosty the […]

oh, the last-minuteness of it all

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the pressure is on now—there are multiple gifts under the tree intended for me, but just one with david’s name on it so far. ouch. actually, i do have a couple ready, but i haven’t wrapped them yet. i’m a procrastinator about it—i like to wrap everything in big batches and put it all under […]