a very quick late-night post

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this time of year, weekends are all about getting things trafficked from the garden to the freezer, so a lot of my weekend hours have to be redirected from knitting to those tasks. i spent some time yesterday morning getting some herbs bagged up for the freezer the basil, parsley, oregano, and cutting celery are […]

all in a day’s work

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finally, we’re getting some rain, yay. honestly it’s just been a smattering so far but any little bit is nice—it’s been incredibly dry here. everything is wilty-looking . . . it’s gonna to take a lot more rain to make these shrubs perk up; hopefully we’ll get the amount we really need (it’s already stopped […]

mad dash to the finish

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glorious morning. i was once again awake with the birds (for me, heh) and outside taking blog photos first thing. i want to get a bike ride in later this morning, and it pays to get at least one of my two things done beforehand. the stargazers have bloomed and are trumpeting their perfume, the […]

fruit of the vine

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this spritely green scarf is the essence of summer knitting—practically weightless, it takes up no space in a purse or tote. the pattern is simple to work and to memorize; with wrong side rows all in purl it is the perfect knitting for hazy, daydreamy summer evenings. come autumn, when mornings are nippy again, you’ll […]