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before i begin the tale of our wonderful holiday weekend, which centered around our regional wool fair, the knit, swirl! by sandra mciver goes to . . . carol p.!! congratulations carol; i’m always thrilled when a long-time reader wins. and thanks to all who participated and commented; there will be more. and now, the […]

holiday weekend

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i’ve been holding my breath, waiting to see if the poppies would bloom at the usual time—everything else was late coming in this year and i expected these would be too (they usually bloom a day or two before memorial day). i had pretty much given up, due to the chilly, rainy, and dark week […]

the thing about spring

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wow, that was fast! i have sprouts already in the garden, can you believe it? i mean, they just went in on saturday; that’s what—four days, maybe? of course all the rain we’re having may have something to do with it, haha—we are quite waterlogged here. so much so that i was a little worried […]

growth of the soil

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you know, everywhere i go, one of the first things people tell me about my knitting blog is how much they enjoy my garden, haha. and i love that! today, i have an extravaganza for you garden fans—it’s opening day for the vegetable garden, folks. the first thing i did when i woke up on […]