shop talk

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the last time i taught at a lovely vintage storefront in new hamburg, ON. during this latest visit, i had a chance to check out the shop’s new digs at xena, i didn’t forget you; YOU are the shop concierge!) the whole first floor (yes, there are multiple floors, swoon) is dedicated to knitterly goods—books, […]


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i don’t know about where you live, but where i am, the air has turned very crisp in the last couple of days—last evening i was glad to have a scarf around my neck and wished i had thought to grab some mitts as well. hard to believe it’s that time of year again . […]

knitter’s fare

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whoa, these are some BIG tomatoes aren’t they?? and believe me they taste as good as they look. these are gift from james, who is lise’s husband—his garden is producing much better tomatoes than mine at home is this year and he kindly dropped off a bag to me yesterday, so i could have some […]


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ten months ago i wrote excitedly about the publication of my leaving sweater pattern in the woolen rabbit oasis, a 50/50 camel/silk blend, in colorway chocolate chambord. i went to my favorite source, moving mud for the cardigan buttons—i knew their beautiful glass creations would be a wonderful finishing touch. the pullover is shown in […]