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ten months ago i wrote excitedly about the publication of my leaving sweater pattern in the winter issue of twist collective and today i feel just as excited that we are now adding this pattern to our online shop, just in time for fall.

leaving is a sweater with a dual personality—the pattern includes both a cardigan AND a pullover version; you can knit one or both (i have both and i truly cannot say i prefer one over the other!).

they each have a purpose in my wardrobe—i like the cardigan because it’s dressy enough to function as a jacket, but much more comfortable for me than a structured piece.

the pullover looks nice with jeans or a skirt as a standalone piece—the fabric is truly soft and delicious against bare skin.

but the nicest feature of this sweater for me is the way it fits—close through the shoulders, bust, and sleeves, with a looser flare around the middle and hip area. not only is it a flattering shape for most figure types, but it’s easy to wear and move around in.

i’ve never been able to wear a scoop neck without worrying about it gapping, but this one works nicely—it implies a lower cut and open look, but lays nicely against my chest at all times.

shown above, the small size cardigan in woolen rabbit oasis, a 50/50 camel/silk blend, in colorway chocolate chambord.

i went to my favorite source, moving mud for the cardigan buttons—i knew their beautiful glass creations would be a wonderful finishing touch.

the pullover is shown in size small, also knit in oasis, colorway moroccan spice, while a second cardigan in size extra-small was knit in colorway birch beer, a colorway that my friend kim created just for this project (click here to read the full story).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks go out to everyone who work on the production of this piece with me—my friend kim, the brilliant dyer, AKA the woolen rabbit, my friend karolyn whose knitting you marvel over here and on ravelry, my husband david, whose photography and filmmaking we enjoy so much, my friend tana, our inveterate tech editor and mistress of sizing, my friends ronni and anne marie—each and every one of them contributed time and talent to make this piece happen. thank you all so much!

i’m in waterloo, ontario for the next week—knitters fair is tomorrow, so if you plan to be there, please stop by the shall we knit? booth to say hello. and if you live nearby, karen has scheduled me to teach a couple of classes on wednesday and thursday evening in the shops new waterloo location (VERY nice; you should stop by); please visit their website or call the shop for more information or to register (there are still spots available!)

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  1. Very pretty sweaters; this pattern might actually make me put my sock knitting away and go back to a sweater. Thanks for the nice patten.

  2. Now that I have placed my order I can say I think this is so beautiful. I hope to be knitting this for myself by Christmas.

  3. I love this pattern! Well, what else is new?! Great photos too! I must cast on for another very soon.

  4. Loved knitting this pattern. i used Woolen Rabbit opal and Kim was incredibly helpful choosing a yarn and colorway. I chose cape cod blues and it was an absolute pleasure to knit with. The pattern was a lot of fun with just enough challenge. Now all I need to do is sew on the buttons.

  5. I love it! This shape is just perfect for my pear-shaped body. And the range of sizes and cardi/pullover options make this a very versatile pattern. I’m headed over to your store to purchase it right now. Thanks, and have fun in Waterloo!

  6. Anne, after taking your sweater fitness workshop, and seeing all the wonderful photos of you modeling Leaving, it just confirms that I really want to knit this sweater.

    You are truly an inspiration.

    Enjoy your time at Knitters Fair and Waterloo.

  7. Such a lovely sweater with flattering lines. I bought the pattern when it was first featured in Twist Collective.

  8. I’m disappointed to miss you at the Knitter’s Frolic since I’m so close. Enjoy your time in Kitchener. I’m guessing you’ll see St. Jacobs Market if you have the chance. If you do go, be sure to try the Apple Fritters that are made in front of you as you wait/watch.

  9. This has been on my wish list since it first came out. I have to pick a yarn yet, and must get a few things off the needles. I have had a terrible case of startitis this summer. I’ll have to pop over to the Woolen Rabbit to see what’s there though, just for future reference. 😉

  10. This is so lovely! I’ve never been one to wear a knitted garment next to my skin, but this just may be a first for me (once I find yarn that I can wear comfortably next to my skin).

  11. I love this pattern, I still need to start it though..I’ve been staring at the yarn I bought for it at DFW this spring and as soon as it cools off enough down here I do believe I’ll be casting it on. Have a great week!

  12. Alright that does it. I am now officially motivated to get back to working on this sweater!!!! It’s just gorgeous!

  13. Yoy know how very much I love your designs and this post on the eve of my birthday on a very difficult day makes me smile….thank you so much.xoxo

  14. Hello Anne,

    This sweater is absolutely gorgeous; I can’t stop looking at the photos of the cardigan knit up in chocolate chambord.

    Can you offer a bit of advice to a newish knitter who tends to be more ambitious than realistic? I would love to purchase and make this sweater, but I’m very new to garment crafting; I’m 3/4 finished with my first sweater, and just blocked my first pair of socks. I’ve made several Laura Irwin hats from boutique knits, and am getting a feel for the dressmaking techniques used in shaping items and inserting lace sections. Would this pattern be suitable for someone at my skill level as noted above, or should I wait until after I’ve completed some other, simpler pieces?

    Thank you!

  15. Hi Anne,

    This is a beautiful pattern for so many people. Kudos to you for thinking of us larger girls in your sizing. All of your patterns are wonderful!

  16. I already have the pattern, and will hopefully start it soon. Can you suggest some alternate yarns for this one? The blend is camel and silk, can you recommend a cotton blend or alpaca blend?

  17. As if you needed another project…How bout making a Sweater Fitness dvd for those of us who need the class, but are geographically impaired?

  18. I know you answer all your “comments” personally but I hope you will “publicly” answer some of the ones above w/questions about yarn choices for the rest of us!

    And yes, in all your copious spare time (cough) we would ALL love a Sweater Fitness DVD!!! I’ve listened to 2 recent interviews with you and am amazed that you can fit in all that you do, but we can dream, right (about the DVD)?

    And I do own “leaving.” 🙂 I’m just teaching myself how to do a top down sweater with the “contiguous” method (see Rav group) and already am thinking about whether I might be able (in the future, sigh) to convert something “plain” into using a patterned knitted garment with the method.

    I also started your August Fall in color scarf in a silk linen blend — that yarn doesn’t give much so the knitting is slow. But it will keep me busy in the winter and it will be a great “stole” for next year. And of course I am looking forward to the next pattern in a few days! Congrats on all the success with that endeavor, and I hope there will be a continuation of the “club” into next year!

  19. You know how much I love that sweater!! I can’t wait for it to cool off enough around here for me to wear mine (soon, soon). And now I think I maybe need the pullover version, too.

    It looks like your trip went well – I am assiduously avoiding admiring the fiber and yarn in the bottom pictures of the next post. Must knit faster than I buy, right? 😉

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