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i don’t know about where you live, but where i am, the air has turned very crisp in the last couple of days—last evening i was glad to have a scarf around my neck and wished i had thought to grab some mitts as well.

hard to believe it’s that time of year again . . . fall!

and we have just the thing to make the best of advancing chilly evenings and mornings—a cute hat and mitt set with matching scarf; take one or more as needed.

this fall set knits up super-fast in an entertaining openwork pattern that provides just the perfect layer of warmth for the season—not too much, not too little.

and it’s cute, too; warm, but light and fun—i know i’m not ready for bulletproof knits just yet.

what more could we ask for?

well, maybe one of romi’s metal stick pins to keep everything in place as prettily as possible, yes?

or maybe, a discount on this yummy yarn?
susan has generously offered one—use the coupon code “fallberry” to get 10% off your entire yarn order at slackford studio through december 20th.

shown above: size small in the deliciously squishy 8-ply pathway sport merino from slackford studio, in colorway from dusk til dawn.

and below, size large knit up again in pathway sport, this time in colorway roast carrots

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

susan at slackford studio has such terrific yarn in wonderfully cheerful colorways. she dyes on a very nice selection of yarn bases, some of them very luxurious (she dyed the yarn for our aria delicato scarf, mmm). she’s been hard at work stocking up her online shop with pathway for this release, but don’t forget to look at her other offerings while you’re there.

once again, our dear friend agnes cheerfully contributed her expertise by test knitting the purple samples, while i knit the orange ones. and when we were finished, we traded! i just love my dusk til dawn set; i feel so lucky to be able wear agnes’s work.

and our pattern release would not be complete without beautiful photos, taken at the farm of our friends helena and kris, who modeled for us, along with a few critter friends.

aren’t they just adorable? we are so lucky and grateful to work with such lovely and talented women.

and of course, kudos to david for getting so many beautiful shots; he’s a magician behind the lens.

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  1. I’ve seen many gorgeous photo shoots by David, but this is my new favorite, and the hand knits just make it that much sweeter. Love the comfy-looking set, perfect for fall weather.

  2. Lovely new patterns for the fall, beautiful colors as well. Anxiously awaiting the pattern for Renee, have the yarn and the needles ready to go!!

  3. Oh, what a lovely collection of photos – the colors are amazing and just pop against the weathered wood and rustic Rene sweater colors (you are such a tease about Rene Anne!). I’m not even a hat person but I am sorely tempted now to knit the whole scene – mother/daughter sweaters, hats, scarves and mitts! All I would be missing is a grey kitty:-)

  4. Great set! I love all the pieces individually too. I also noticed that Helena and Kris are wearing the Rene sweaters 🙂 I’m looking forward to that release too!

  5. Between the kitty and the kiss, you got me smiling! This is the prettiest photo shoot you’ve done. Bravo!

  6. GREAT shots from David! What a beautiful lay-out! I love it! David has such a talent! And the ladies look fabulous. Oh. And the knitwear too. . . . I love that Rene sweater. . . . you big tease. . . .

  7. The patterns and knits are just lovely. ALL the knits – sweaters included. I have to agree with everyone above – this is one of the best photo shoots yet. Gotta love David and his camera. It’s cooled off here too. I just love fall. I saw a tree yesterday with one big patch of orangey leaves right in the middle. I’m so grateful after the brutal heat of this summer. Besides – doesn’t the cool weather just make you want to snuggle in and knit and knit and knit?

  8. Anita is right….this is one of David’s best photo sessions. The colors are so warm and rich. I really enjoyed making my fallberry mitts and look forward to making the scarf as well.

    I am LOVING the peeks of Rene….she is lovely!

  9. What a beautiful photo shoot. The tenderness between Kris and Helena as captured by David is perfect. David is amazing at his photographic skills and gifts. This shoot was so much more than the pattern (although they are stunning and I will be buying the pattern in a few minutes).

    Thank you Anne and David for another KS release. And Agnes did a great job of knitting.

  10. Deep south here. Our touch of fall this week means temps in the upper 70’s. lol. We can go outside without sweating now…. Love it!!!!!! Won’t need scarves and hats for another couple of months. 🙁 Love yours!!!

  11. Servers are back up at Slackford Studio. There was a brief power outtage in town.

    It’s in the 60s today and raining. The perfect day for some fall knitting!

    I love those photographs, they are so beautiful.

  12. Anne, Anne, Anne! What am I going to do? You keep giving us such wonderful designs and presented so beautifully by David, that I just have to go get the Fallberry trio patterns, and put another Anne Hanson pattern on the needles! I have already cut my sleeping by several hours! Thank you for all your hard work so that my (limited) free time is pure pleasure! Complete jealousy on seeing the Rene sweaters. They are gorgeous….so are the models. Waiting….patiently….you are so sly keeping us busy with all of your beautiful patterns while we wait for Rene.

  13. Use the Coupon Code “fallberry” to get 10% off your entire yarn order at Slackford Studio. Good through December 20th!

    Spread the word!

  14. What beautiful patterns and gorgeous pictures! The color choices work so well for each of the models, and I love the kiss and the kitty!

  15. Aw, Anne & David, thank you so much for bringing me so much happiness! I loved knitting with Susan’s/Slackford Studio’s yarn, great hand & stitch definition. Of course, I love knitting your designs too…And, I’m the Lucky one!! 🙂

  16. Gorgeous patterns, as ever, gorgeous yarn, and the photos brought tears to my eyes – so beautiful. Brilliant photography, David!

  17. The creative and talented duo team of David and Anne is MARVELOUS! It truly must be amazing to see the two of you working together, side by side, pulling everything together for all of our enjoyment. David, your vision that comes through the camera lens showcasing Anne’s wonderful handknits is stunning! Anne, your passion for your work continues to shine through with each new design.

    As I have woke up two mornings in a row with a hard frost covering my world, to see this latest design of knitted loveliness makes me want to curl up in front of the fireplace and knit, knit, knit away! With so many Knitspot patterns patiently waiting next to me to be knitted, I don’t think that will be a problem.

    Also, you really are a snicky peet….the Rene sweaters! I can just see you chuckling and thinking you are so cleaver.

  18. I’ve been working on sweaters. However, I’ve been drawn to hats the last few days and even read somewhere today that September is hat month. These are wonderful inspiration. I think I shall cast on a hat.

  19. What perfect models for your early Fall knits!! Great shots by David, he certainly caught the bond between Helena and Kris, love it. Might have to put these great knits on my to do list!

  20. That cat is a near doppelganger for my cat Hazel. I’ve never seen a cat that was similiar to her before. Small world. Beautiful knits too, of course.

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