my cookie jar is happy

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yesterday was monday. and dreary. and well, . . . monday. maybe it’s because i worked all weekend, or maybe it’s the fact that it feels like it’s getting dark by 10 am these days, but i woke up in serious need of a change of pace. so instead of heading for my desk to […]


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i dunno about where you live, but in our back yard, the squirrels are really loading it on this year—the other day i was startled by what i thought was a groundhog leaping out of the brush along the side of the yard. it took me a minute to realize that is was actually just […]


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Announcement: Today we launch the official opening of Bare Naked Knitspot Club. In this club we will knit with a variety of fibers in their natural, undyed state to learn about and appreciate the unique characteristics of each. Join us on this most wonderful exploration. We are so excited about this new offering and look […]

now, where were we??

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how true . . . i didn’t fall off the face of the earth, though i did visit some beautiful places where i wanted to . . . SO much to share about last week’s travels! i knew it would be a super-busy week, with no time to keep the blog updated on my many […]