progress is good

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last night i noticed that my stack of go bags has visibly diminished—this must mean i’m finishing things, right? and so it is—i have finished a couple of secret projects since we last had a look at that pile, which allowed one or two bags to migrate over toward my knitting chair, where i am […]


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with friday marking the launch for the first chapter of our 2012 fall in full color club and all which that entails, i was more than ready to take an actual weekend away from my desk. all work and not play makes anne a dull girl. i had my chapter finalized the night before, but we still had […]

vineshadow wristlets

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just a little something to go with your longshadows scarf or stole—a bit of whimsy to add depth to a sweater or jacket, and to keep the wind out of your sleeves as the days grow chilly. shown here: size small, knit up in spirit trail nona, a luscious merino/silk/cashmere blend which is a heavier lace/light […]


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i can hardly believe that a whole year has passed since we released the first pattern chapter of our fall in full color 2011 club. but there you have it—time flies when you’re having fun. i was on the road with cookie when we did this photo shoot in oakland, CA, right around the corner […]