wasp and rose

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once upon a time, a designer cast on for a large lace shawl project. the design she had in mind was to be quintessentially victorian—all stripes and rosebuds, with a nod to the larger natural world, in a hem ringed with wasps, their noses buried in roses. the project got off the ground with the […]

knitspot takes day off

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wow, i can’t believe i’ve been home for over a week already—where did the time go?? oh yeah—i was catching up and putting this month’s club chapter together. it’s amazing how much time can pass when i’m focused on a task. i so enjoy that feeling of being immersed in my work; it’s one of […]


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some of you may have noticed that many of the photos used in the hasselnüsse release also captured a second cowl made up in the same DK yarn. and today we’re letting that one out of the gate, too. woodstacking is yet another quick knit piece you can whip up at the last minute for that new […]


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remember last month when i said that soon it’ll be time to get serious about that holiday gift list? well, i hate to bring it up, but i think we are there friends; time is growing short. now is the time to get out the calendar, sharpen our pencils, and start some serious strategizing about […]