such a crime

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like all the things i am getting started late on, the traditional december red scarf is behind schedule. but fear not—there will be one. the yarn i’ve pulled is this delicious vampire red 8-ply merino sport from skeinny dipping, appropriately named crime scene. yum. christine is still  dyeing this colorway, but tells me she is now working […]

fits and starts

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that ina garten, she sure writes a good apple crisp recipe, mm-mmm. especially the apple part, though i do think i like my friend chris’s recipe better for the topping. next time, i might marry the two and see. so now that we’re settled with our apple crisp, let’s get down to the business of what […]

runaway weekend

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ooooh, i know—it almost hurts to talk about how cold it’s gotten over the last few days, but our stretch of glorious fall weather had to end sometime, i suppose . . . yes, we had our first snow, which began saturday morning and filtered down lightly all day and evening on saturday. everything had […]

BNK 2013 Black Friday

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Hope everyone has indulged fully this Thanksgiving. Anne and I, spent Thanksgiving with a good friend and her family (et al extended), we are so grateful to be able to spend the holiday with Debby’s family. Some amazing food, particularly Simon’s grilled vegetables and an outrageously delicious trillium cake baked by Debby (apparently even better […]