tile that makes me smile—priceless

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we haven’t talked about progress on our house lately, but we do actually have some to celebrate this month. it’s been quite a journey, but we are finally installed in our new main bath. david finished it up while i was away earlier this month, so we could start using it when i returned home. […]

peu de pluie

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this month we launched bare naked knitspot 2013, which means that now, we can release the patterns from BNK 2012; month by month, you’ll see those designs offered released as single publications. the bare naked club is so special to me—not only do i get to design with fibers that are new to me and […]

lipstick on a pig

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me getting a manicure is almost like putting lipstick on a pig—there’s a limit to how much cosmetics can improved such poor abused fingertips. and because they are in constant use, i rarely put much effort into making them look better; in fact, the last time i had a real manicure was in 1992. but […]

Vintage Knitspot – Snow on Cedars

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Ah, it’s time once again for me to dust off the archives! Anne is super busy with all kinds of fun stuff (she’ll fill you in on Sunday) and I didn’t think you’d mind a little trip with me down memory lane. Plus, there’s a contest involved! With the metro Detroit area covered in a […]