My Knitting has Rhythm

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I was taught to appreciate music, of all types, at a very early age. Actually, it all probably started in the womb since I attended a few concerts at that stage of my life. When I was a wee babe, my parents would sing to calm my anxiousness or play music on the record player […]


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last monday morning i landed in snowy, gray ohio after spending ten delicious days on the west coast, running in shorts and keeping my face tilted to the sun. when i got off the redeye at 10:30 am, i was tired, hungry, and . . . cold. david got me home straightaway, where i crawled into […]

going, going, gone

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it’s been quite a process to get the first shipment for our 2013 bare naked club pulled together and packed, but david finally has seven stacks of large totes filled with club packages all set to go to the post office tomorrow. now the fun can begin! and we are just about sold out as […]

beyond exciting

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hi everyone; boy did i miss you! and what a week it’s been; i barely know where to begin. i feel like it’s been weeks since we visited; i’ve flown across the country with barely a whisper about the last weekend of my trip—but hey, i took a picture . . . that’s the view […]