that’s me—the blockhead

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i had the best day today—i ignored the computer almost entirely from the time i got up in order to spend time on one of my favorite activities—blocking. i had a pile of finished and unblocked items sent to us from sample knitters, plus my newly-finished DK shawl, which i’ve decided to name krokos. the […]

sky cap

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last year, we launched the first bare naked knitspot club with the sky ladder pattern package—a multi-sized pattern for rectangles that could serve a variety of purposes from scarf, to wrap, to blanket. i knit the baby sized blanket as my prototype, with the plan of using it for modeling shots, along with karolyn’s test […]

desperately seeking springtime

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well, the sun had a little trial run today, sticking its toes in the water and coming out for a few hours this afternoon. now though, it’s already back in hiding and another inch of snow is predicted for tonight. i guess it’s all about small steps right now. i would like to say that […]

scenes from the weekend

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mmm. while i’m not usually a big fan of pancakes, these were really good. and with fresh maple syrup?? stop it! it’s been a nice weekend here in albany. we arrived friday evening and had a nice dinner with my mom at home, then watched a couple of old movies while preparing for the release […]