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some months back when ordering yarn for FIFC 2013, we overshot on the estimates we thought we’d need for the first few shipments and found ourselves in possession of one hundred extra skeins of briar rose stella lace yarn in a special put-up.  hey, we thought, let’s get those dyed in a unique colorway and […]

boy crazy

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has everyone been having a nice holiday? here in ohio, santa has been very good to us indeed, bringing us family and good food and a bit of distraction from our usual busy pace. micah is entranced with this ornament of a little baby snuggled inside a nutshell. he’s informed me several times that it […]

That’s a Wrap

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Merry Christmas everyone! I can’t believe it’s the day after already! Wow, was this year full of festivities for our family. And with Baby Knitspot being a little older this year (remember what he looked like last year…) the holiday had a little more magic for us all. We started a new tradition this year […]

a shining light (or three)

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i never noticed this in christmases past, but bret’s little penguin is actually knitted (in my defense, there is just SO much else to look at over there, it completely passed me by). but yes—when you look close, it’s constructed of a garter-stitch net, knit from what appears to be some kind of plastic bouclé, […]