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some months back when ordering yarn for FIFC 2013, we overshot on the estimates we thought we’d need for the first few shipments and found ourselves in possession of one hundred extra skeins of briar rose stella lace yarn in a special put-up. Winterwood046_72dpi

hey, we thought, let’s get those dyed in a unique colorway and create a special holiday design for it. when we proposed this idea to chris at briar rose fibers, she got very excited, saying she had a cranberry color in mind that she’d been dying to work on.


oooh, i thought, i had always wanted to design a small shawl based on my snow on cedars mitts design; this would be the perfect opportunity to do it.


and so this pretty crescent shawl was conceived. the rich cranberry colorway is enhanced by the silk content in the yarn base so that the reds shimmer with inner light, adding just the right twinkle to the branches of tree and snowflake


the crescent shape carries the lace composition in a graceful sweep around the shoulders, giving winter outfits a whole new look—and who doesn’t need a little pop of brighter color right about now?


the fabric is so fine it can be gathered up around the neck in surprisingly warm folds to line the neck of a coat or jacket with panache or piled high in a warm beehive shape from collarbones to chin.


once you’re warmed up or find yourself indoors for a bit, loosen the ends to release a cascade of pattern.


the shawl pattern is written for two sizes—petite/tall—and this limited-edition the kit (just 95 of them) includes enough yarn to make either one. the piece shown here is the petite size.


to purchase a kit or view complete kit information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. we’ll be starting up a  KAL for this project in our mothership ravelry group as part of selfish knitting month (and beyond; we never stop at just one month, haha)


i can’t thank our friend karolyn enough for agreeing to knit this shawl in between all the secret knitting she does for our club installments each month. i was completely shameless in exploiting her love for reds and for briar rose yarn when i dangled this carrot in front of her. but she does such lovely work, sigh . . . i couldn’t resist trying. thank you, dear karolyn; you’re one in a  million.


and then there is chris of briar rose fibers, who is always so enthusiastic about collaborating—yes, we go way back and we know each other well, but she still digs deep to contribute her best artistic effort in each of our partnerships—i really love and respect that about her; thank you chris.


and many thanks to my dear sister in law, nan, who we dragged out into the cold for an impromptu photo shoot—isn’t she just lovely? i couldn’t have asked for our project to be set off to better advantage.


(micah wants me to make sure and mention that he helped too)

22 thoughts on “winterwood

  1. Another beautiful design Anne. my kit is ordered and I can’t wait to cast on. what a beautiful little face in the last picture!!!

  2. I really fell for this yarn and pattern combo! I ordered my kit with some of my Christmas money, the rest will go to a new pair of running shoes! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  3. So much for being on a yarn diet! But technically it isn’t January yet, so I’m safe for one more day…

    I love the pictures of Nan draped in this beautiful shawl – please tell her that she sold me on it!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. My resolution to only work from stash has gone out the window. My order has been placed.

  5. Thank goodness it’s the day before New Years. I too am breaking the resolution to work from stash! I read this post at 4:00 am and returned to it mid-morning!

  6. Wow! I raced over to the site the minute I read my email this morning, but too late! Congratulations on selling out so quickly! Oh, well…off to finish up my Baci and dream of April treats…

  7. Saved by a few hours of procrastination! i knew I shudda had a credit card in the nightstand haha!

  8. stunning, anne. and so is the hat pattern. what is the hat?
    must get the kit right now.
    want the hat for my daughter!!

  9. I love it – sorry I’m too late. I also love Nan’s hat…looks like the Cyclone pattern will be next in my queue after I finish my current project (another Oktoberfest in Chris’s fabulous yarn).

    Happy new year to all of you!

  10. Oh, Anne…this is just over-the-top-GORGEOUS…!!! Nan is just the perfect model, and how nice that you have had this time together…Happy New Year to you and all of your dear family!!

  11. Ohmygosh!!! It’s beautiful Nan!! I love this shoot Anne! What a great job you and David did! The last picture is just so precious!!!! LOVE LOVE this shawl.

  12. Soooo pretty! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the standalone pattern release. (I’m actually kinda relieved the kits are sold out as I would have been sorely tempted & I have too much stash yarn to use already–including some Briar Rose that I think might be perfect!)

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