eyes (and hands) in the city

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taking pictures out the car window on the way from the laguardia to brooklyn, we passed a series of cemeteries along jackie robinson drive. a peek into such a dense gathering of souls really drives home the sheer number of people who inhabit the city or whose life has passed through it. i love cemeteries anyway, […]

a sweater with four sleeves

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while the sun and sky have turned stunningly beautiful for the most part, we continue to be stuck in an arctic vortex temperature-wise, scratching and biting our way to anything above the freezing point; temperatures remain solidly ensconced in the 20s with wind chills in the mid-teens. in fact, it actually snowed all day on thursday—lightly, […]


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spotted while running: a carpet of brilliant yellow aconite against dead leaves, dead sticks, dead grass, and bare shrubbery. they look like they’re dancing! and i finally saw a crocus in our own yard. yesterday the temps climbed all the way into the 60s in fact, though we’re paying for it today with very dreary […]

kind of obsessed

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i’ve been watching every day and finally, i saw my first robin on saturday morning. just one. but then i saw one or two more yesterday, too. though  it’s back to being very cold at night again (like in the teens), they seem to be staying around . . . now that the snow has melted […]