i see how it is with you . . .

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so, let me get this straight: david doesn’t blog for what, two years? and when he finally decides to show up he gets over two hundred comments?? maybe that should be my new strategy . . . heh, as if i could keep my mouth shut for that long; you should be so lucky. i’m not going […]

I’m Back (With News of Sweaters)

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Can not remember the last time I guest blogged. However I do remember feeling a bit under appreciated, thinking to myself that I would never blog again. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into these blogs; I have no idea how Anne manages to write them so frequently. Of course I can have a […]

love me two times

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everyone appreciates a reversible scarf and many knitters write to ask which styles are attractive on both sides. it’s not an easy desire to fulfill, actually, but i try to design as many as possible. imagine then, how lucky i felt to stumble across this adorable reversible pattern—not reversible in the sense that it looks the same […]

$5 Off for Earthday thru 4/22

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Happy Earthday. Get $5 off with the purchase of $50 or more from Knitspot store, use coupon code: earthday, coupon good for Envy Club memberships as well. Mister Knitspot