love me two times

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everyone appreciates a reversible scarf and many knitters write to ask which styles are attractive on both sides. it’s not an easy desire to fulfill, actually, but i try to design as many as possible.


imagine then, how lucky i felt to stumble across this adorable reversible pattern—not reversible in the sense that it looks the same on both sides, but that it reverses to an equally pretty pattern. i worked with it in simple accessory constructions for a recent club installment, but eventually developed and idea to knit something slightly more complex—a reversible shawl.


not that this is difficult to knit; it’s not. but designing being a process as it is, i came to the conclusion i should do the shawl with too little time to spare before my deadline. so i saved the idea for a general release instead.


it took a little while to fit the project into my schedule but finally during a recent trip, i managed to snag some time to enjoy the indulgence of knitting this pattern with our soft, luxurious better breakfast fingering yarn.


i can’t even begin to describe the softness and drape—i’ll let the pictures tell the story!
(just look at it glow in the morning light. sigh)


earlier in the year i put it to a vote as to which shape i’d work with first—crescent or triangle (my personal preference). well, you can see what happened—crescent was the runaway favorite.


and it’s easy to see why; it’s an incredibly versatile shape which may be work in such a wide variety of ways, from a keyhole pull to a twice wrapped cocoon.


and with the reversible option there’s no limit.


two, two, TWO scarves in one.
and did i mention it has three sizes?


shown here is the petite size, knit from one skein of better breakfast fingering yarn in the daybreak shade.

david has created a kit with pattern and your choice of any shade in this yarn. these skeins just go on and on—the yarn is so light and airy that we can pack plenty of it in each skein, enough to make generously sized pieces.


to purchase pattern only or view complete pattern information, please click here to purchase in our knitspot online shop and here to purchase in my ravelry pattern shop.
(if you wish the pattern to appear in your ravelry library, please use this ravelry store link, thanks!)

as for that triangle shawlette? no worries—i am casting on in the next couple of days and will have a pattern as soon as i can manage it.


i’m using this delicious shade of mocha for mine . . .

19 thoughts on “love me two times

  1. Love the design. Now, about this earworm you’ve planted for my day with the name of the design….

  2. This is just the pattern for which I have been waiting !!!! It is elegant yet simple in design and a very versatile design. I have close to 50 of your patterns plus the ebooks from 3 clubs and I think this is my favourite design. Your patterns are always very accurate. I only wish that occasionally you would offer a discount for new patterns periodically (for a very limited period of time) for your loyal customers!

  3. That’s the petite? Generous – I won’t need to go bigger! Now, what’s the difference between Better Breakfast “milk and honey” and “sugarfrost”? My monitor has them looking the same. Hmm . . . are color cards in the offing?

  4. It would be perfect in any better breakfast color, but I really love the gray. Just beautiful, Anne!

  5. I love this so much Anne, it is just the kind of shawl pattern I love to wear. Yet another of your patterns goes on my rather long list!! Roll on retirement haha!

  6. OK this is freaky- I am in front of the TV as I catch up on blogs. I opened this post as an ad for a new TV show called “Aquarius” comes on (it’s about Charles Manson starring David Duchovny I guess). The ad starts out with The Doors “Love Me Two Times.” Too weird!

  7. Ive been working on the scarf version of this from the BNK club last fall. It’s a nice pattern to work with, only 6 rows per repeat, and just as pretty on the backside as the frontside. I am so delighted to see it now as the hem of a crescent shawl. It’s just gorgeous, and I am eager to get the pattern.

  8. Anne, I can’t keep up with all the beautiful patterns! I love the shape of this one and the fact that it’s reversible. Can’t pass it up!

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