went to a garden party . . .

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i know, i know . . . i sound like a broken record—the garden this and the garden that. the truth is, i have been spending nearly half my day out there just keeping up with it, haha. saturday night—ok, to be fair these are not from our garden, but we were grocery shopping and saw a […]

who’s ready for refreshments?

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the dog days of summer are officially upon us. linked to the rising of the dog star, sirius, ancient romans observed the dog days from july 24 through august 24. well, we are right on schedule with rising temperatures and humidity that threaten to to throw us into sultry, late summer torpor. dog days were popularly believed to be an evil time […]

it’s here!

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yesterday our mail carrier, rick, rolled up to the curb in the big mail truck to deliver five big boxes—our monthly batch from our ohio mill, ANF. and you know what that means . . . our first batch of hemp and cottons yarns have arrived! well, you can imagine how quickly i had the […]

going natural

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right after my last post about this top, i took off the armhole trim and set in the sleeves i’d knit as an alternate look. i don’t know about you, but i really love it both ways! so obviously, i’m going to need a second one . . . good thing we have another shade in this […]