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it’s that time again; the trees have rained leaves all week so that their branches have turned to black, twisted fingers. the wind whistles through them, periodically pausing to moan or shriek. tree limbs creak and groan, sometimes dropping chunks of rotting extremities . . . sometimes with rather exacting aim—all i’m saying is, watch where you […]

there was knitting too

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i’m trusting each and every one of you not to tell david you saw this photo (what is said or done in the rhinebeck van stays in the rhinebeck van). anyway, it didn’t last long; i was just posing briefly with kim’s knitting for a goofy vacation shot—i had my eyes glued to the road the whole time. that said, […]

wild open spaces

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my friend rosemary hill—you have met her several times before on the blog—has written a new and very beautiful book about lace—new lace knitting; designs for wide open spaces. in the process of reading the publisher’s materials, i came across a comment by a reader stating that the book included “designs for  wild, open spaces”. […]

fun always starts with chocolate

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it’s as good a place to start as any, isn’t it? last time i posted, it was to release my vendange coat design (wow—you all sure like that one!) and so much has come to pass since then. let’s start at the beginning, shall we? as you know, i planned to wear my new chebris coat as my […]