the shoe fit

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ok, i never did snowshoeing before but i always wanted to try it. and yesterday i got the chance. kim knows a mountain trail that begins less than a mile from her home and so, after the kids left for school and we’d had a nice hour of morning knitting, we got into some outdoor gear and headed for the trail. […]


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there are definitely some things in life that i have no desire to repeat—seventh grade and all of high school, for instance. but as a knitter, i get a lot of pleasure and relaxation from the repetition—from stitch to stitch and row to row, i like the rhythm of patterns that are easily executed with one basic group […]


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it’s live! click the logo to take a look . . . our first bare naked wools collection, with contributions from designers kiran badola, irina dmitrieva, anne hanson, rosemary hill, and general hogbuffer. purchase downloadable ensemble patterns on ravelry or in our bare naked wools boutique . . . then move on to see a collection of ensemble kits in […]

doug has great news

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hello readers and happy new year! i hope everyone had a warm and satisfying holiday week—ours was busy, but filled with good friends and great news, the first being that we not only met our goal of matching last year’s scholarship fund, but we passed it by about $725—yay! david and i will kick in to round […]