moving right along . . .

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is there any more cheerful sight on a spring day than these bright pink cherry blossoms against a blue, blue sky? i photographed these on my last morning in brooklyn, while running in the park. along with these pretties . . . at home, we were behind NYC by about a week and though there were buds […]

R2: p1, [k1, p4] repeat to last s1, p1

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  Charts or Written Instructions, have yet to make a definitive decision. Upon beginning the Blanket Statement Club I was rather hesitate to make use of charts, a seemingly unfathomable, if not daunting proposition. This opposed to written instructions, of which began simple enough, i.e.: R2: p1, [k1, p4] repeat to last s1, p1. Yes […]

swatcha doin’?

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even though i left home with a good-sized bag of swatches, i didn’t have nearly enough to guide the precise work of pattern writing, so i had more research to conduct during my work retreat. i am nothing if not a process person—i revel in this aspect of my work. after completing janet guthrie, my next goal […]

It’s Back

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Hi, again! I had to drop by and show you some more tempting new things….. For those of you that missed out on the spinning fiber last month, we have some more! This time around we have one of our very special plant fibers as a roving option. This super shiny and silky soft fiber […]