nautie me

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i WAS going to write about how hot it was and how what we needed was a great big thunderstorm to break the heat. but just as i was photographing a tempting iced coffee to illustrate that, the thunder rolled over and brought a cool wind and a storm in so quickly, i had to […]

the road to hell is paved . . .

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and good thing, too; i hate riding on unpaved roads. all that dust—whew! cuz you know it’s not a question of whether . . . oh, i was so excited riding home last night. first night i rode home in the near-dark in a while. the evenings are getting shorter. it’s a much quieter ride […]

pattern corrections

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PLEASE NOTE: patterns purchased after the date of the corrections automatically include the following updates ACORN STASH SOCK 09/10/10 errata for the version of the acorn stash sock published in the book “sock club” by charlene schurch (errata does not apply to the earlier version, published by knitspot): a new PDF for the book pattern […]