the road to hell is paved . . .

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and good thing, too; i hate riding on unpaved roads. all that dust—whew! cuz you know it’s not a question of whether . . .

oh, i was so excited riding home last night. first night i rode home in the near-dark in a while. the evenings are getting shorter. it’s a much quieter ride in the dark—nice time to plan. and i was just full of freedom and plans! all my birthday commitments done and sent off, and now i could FINALLY crack open the cashmere and get started on my new shawl.

i ran myself through a shower and settled in with stitch books, yarn and needles, foregoing any cooking or dinner. i needed to pick out an edging, having decided on the main stitch pattern
ages ago.

and the next thing i knew, david was shaking me awake. i was sprawled out very unattractively on my back with books hanging all over me and my head lolling over the edge of the sofa, my needles clutched in my fist. ugh. what the hell happened?

i struggled up and listlessly ate a snack with him, but couldn’t even bring myself to pick up a sock, much less any lace knitting.
and i still managed to stay up til 1 am, albeit half-dead. honestly, what the hell is wrong with me? you’d think sleeping was bad for me or something!
so, all my good intentions wasted.

it’s still right where i left it last night. tonight, though, will be another story. i already cooked and everything. i am Ready.

i did get somewhere on my autumn spiral socks in class last night though

past the heel on sock 2, and sliding along the home stretch. these will be done in no time! and i got a little done on the mermaid socks, too

this is a bit of a strange project for me. they are for someone i don’t know at all—we are bartering. she asked for a loose fit and has large feet, but still, it feels strange and unfamiliar to knit socks this size. i am making them about an 8-inch diameter as opposed to my own 7.25 to 7.5 diameter ones. i mean, david’s socks are quite large, but these feel even more unfamiliar than his.

and why wouldn’t they be? i guess what i mean is: socks isn’t socks. if i knit them for someone i know well, i can just feel when they are right. and these, well, i am second guessing it all the way.

the yarn is nice at least! the colors are beginning to move around the leg in a spiral now. i was worried at first that they were pooling already, but it turns out that they just move more slowly than on my own narrower socks. i hope she likes them . . . you don’t have to answer—you understand, right, that i am going to say that every time i talk about them? worrying is a reflex.

8 thoughts on “the road to hell is paved . . .

  1. I fell asleep Tuesday night, just crashed right after dinner and March of the Penguins. Scott woke me at midnight and soon as I stumbled into the bathroom and washed up, I was up. Alert. Hehe. So I stayed up and plied for an hour or two and then went back to sleep. I resist naps and while I love to sleep in, you’d think I thought “sleep is for the weak!” by the way I refuse to go to bed.

  2. I do treasure every single hour in a day that I can use for my knitting or spinning (or now sewing too) that it is very difficult to call it a night even in the very late (early) hours… And once in a while the body overrules the mind and just quits and goes to sleep not matter what.

    The yarn for the lace is beautiful!

  3. I have the same problem . . . so excited to work on knitting projects that jump into my head all day as I dye the fiber and then . . . I sit down! I REALLY like the socks!!!

  4. What needle do you use? Looks like a Colonial rosewood or is it a Holz & Stein. The Colonials are the only ones I have found which never kink up and never drag the stitches over the join. Unfortunately they’re not cheap, but they are so well behaved! I must hunt further back on your weblog to see where you got that ‘mermaid’ yarn – I WANT IT!

  5. Hey Anne, I have a question for you. What’s your favourite generic sock pattern, without any lace features or anything… Just plain socks? I always admire your socks, but I’ve yet to find a pattern that I really enjoy knitting – I want something I can not need to think about, that will show off the yarn, rather than the stitch pattern.

    Just a question *shrugs* I need more handknitted socks. 🙂


  6. Anne – where did you find out about saints? Funny about Ste. Anne, as I am Canadian and we have the Micmacq First Nations people in NS, where I was born also lots of miners and Quebec. Loved the little shrug you knit – where is that pattern from? So many questions. I got your blog from Jo!
    Here’s to the patron saint of knitting – whomever she is!~

  7. Haven’t knitted socks yet, although I started some but quaked at the heel shaping! Is the yarn fleece artist; it’s lovely?

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