shrug off

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it’s done! just in time for this gift to be on time, too—the birthdays are on sunday! this one is for my goddaughter who is turning nine years old. i am also sending her the doll shawl because she collects american girl dolls. she’ll love it. i get so excited about sending off these birthday […]

macro world

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i’m feeling fabulously free of responsibility today, not having any work waiting when i awoke, though i have a feeling i’ll be under the gun later for this. so i celebrated an empy “in” basket this morning by reading blogs and knitting on my mermaid sock while the coffee perked. we finally made peace and […]

now i really HAVE done everything

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i was hell-bent and dertermined, in the interest of full disclosure, to make sure to photograph the results of the sweat test for those among you who remain skeptical about the viability of the handknit skirt. so determined in fact, that i did not stop, even once, to think about how it would look to […]

and on to other things

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boy oh boy, is my inner clock messed up today. i mean look what time it is—after midnight and i am just now posting something that i meant to do earlier. i’ve been working all day—first on some work for the office, then later on patterns and updating the catalog (see sidebar). then i took […]