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it’s done! just in time for this gift to be on time, too—the birthdays are on sunday!

this one is for my goddaughter who is turning nine years old. i am also sending her the doll shawl because she collects american girl dolls.

she’ll love it.

i get so excited about sending off these birthday boxes! the one going to my niece will include her black shrug, the swim wrap, and the swimsuit i managed to find. it also contains a gift for my sister-in-law

a felted chain bag, big enough to hold a laptop, some files, and whatever else she needs to carry. and a vine flower dress for her little sister

it feels so good to pack off several projects to their recipients! a few less things piling up around the place here!

and do you know what today is? it’s my feast day! though not a practicing catholic anymore, i still enjoy the idea that some cultures celebrate name days. it was a big deal in our family growing up—right up there with our birthday, only no presents. we got to select the dessert of our choice which our mom would make to have at supper, and everyone would sing! it’s just a little thing but it was a nice way to recognize each family member separately for one day.

st. anne, according to the patron saints’ index is the patroness of

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico; against poverty; Brittany; broommakers; cabinetmakers; Canada; carpenters; childless people; archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan; equestrians; France; grandmothers; grandparents; homemakers; horse men; horse women; housewives; lace makers; lace workers; lost articles; Micmaqs; miners; mothers; diocese of Norwich, Connecticut; old-clothes dealers; poverty; pregnancy; pregnant women; Quebec; Santa Ana Indian Pueblo; riders; seamstresses; stablemen; sterility; Taos, New Mexico; turners; women in labour

did you notice that??? the patron saint of lacemakers! that one i hadn’t heard before! and seamstresses, too—another career i had! hmmm.

happy st. anne’s day to all of us lace addicts!

and now, i must get to work—i have so much to do before i leave for classes today.

10 thoughts on “shrug off

  1. I hope they send you a picture showing all of them wearing/using their new gifts. What an amazing way of keeping in touch with family and friends!

  2. My, you’re productive! 🙂

    I don’t usually care much for shrugs, but yours is awfully pretty. It doesn’t give the impression that half the sweater is missing.

  3. Your posts are a bright spot in my busy day. My daily visits with my friend. It is fun to see all of your beautiful projects in their various stages of completion. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the little doll shawl. What a great way to practice a pattern too – do you use 1 ply or something even more gossamer?

    My baby school was St. Anne’s – there were ten of us there in a good year, and it was the loveliest place to learn.

    And yes, I’m a lace addict too – even learned the bobbins and pillow method at one stage, but boy is it slow work!

    Still hunting for the name of that mermaid yarn you’re using for the socks…


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